New Planes And Low Fuel Continue To Headline American Airlines Earnings

Lots of bits and pieces to digest from this morning’s 2015 4th quarter earnings conference call for American Airlines.  New airplanes and low fuel continue to be headlines.  In no specific order: American Airlines plans to pay $1.20-$1.25/gallon for fuel in 2016 which would yield $2B in fuel savings in 2016.  That’s massive. And yet, Scott Kirby and Doug Parker continue to emphasize that they believe they can be more profitable when fuel prices go up. Despite record results, AA is getting killed in Latin America.  PRASM (Passenger Revenue per Available Seat […]

Pizza In The News: Talking American Airlines Changes

There have been plenty of big changes in the travel world over the past few weeks.  We had changes from American Airlines that we expected, but didn’t expect until next year (maybe that’s hope?).  To follow that up, we had Marriott surprise everyone by swooping in to snatch up Starwood Hotels & Resorts.  Pizza in the News is back to discuss it. These changes are sure to cause a lot of confusion and disappointment amongst travelers.  The folks at Fox News’ Happening Now had me back on today to discuss […]

American Airlines Opening Up More Business Class Awards? The Best Of the Rest For Tuesday, May 19th 2015

Lots going on today in the world of miles and points. Eastern is up in the air, American Airlines is offering up more business class award seats to Europe, and there’s a pretty darn good fare sale to Brazil (or Fort Lauderdale, if you’re looking closer to home). The Best of the Rest…

FAA To Issue Single Operating Certificate To American Airlines Next Month

American Airlines looks set to receive a single operating certificate from the FAA in just a couple of weeks.  This comes after they announced yesterday that the loyalty programs will combine to one this coming Saturday, March 28th. This is good news for the carrier though it doesn’t mean they’ll begin operating as one airline.  They are running ahead of schedule according to their earlier public reports.  This Frequent Business Traveler article details the announcement and what’s due to come next: The airline will still have a lot of work […]

AAdvantage and Dividend Miles Scheduled To Combine This Weekend

Things are starting to really move along with the merger between American Airlines and US Airways, and now some of the bigger starting to come together. Here are the high-level details you need to know now: 11:59pm on March 25th is your last chance to ticket US Airways awards prior to the merge of the two programs.  There are a few sweet spots in the US Airways program that you might want to take advantage of.  Even held reservations will need to be ticketed prior to the deadline or they’ll […]

I Wonder If I’ll Be Executive Platinum Tomorrow?

American Airlines has avoided pretty much all the pitfalls other airlines have seen in major mergers of the past. They’ve done so by employing a slow and steady strategy, with no massive “cutover” date where a large number of changes happen, opting instead for lots of smaller milestones. And, when the largest complaint thus far revolves around catering changes, I’ve gotta imagine that’s a “win” for the new American.   I wrote late last year that I thought March 1st would start a period where things could get rocky, and I […]

It’s Time To Link Your American Airlines And US Airways Accounts

The merger of American Airlines and US Airways continues to move forward in bits and pieces without much in the way of technical glitches thus far, a good sign for members of both programs.  We’re starting to get to some of the more complicated items and it’s time to do your part to ensure your miles are handled properly. View From The Wing announced last night that American Airlines and US Airways would begin the process of matching up your accounts in the respective programs today.  And the process is […]

American Airlines and US Airways To Combine Loyalty Programs In First Half of 2015

Doug Parker was interviewed recently by Business Travel News.  There were a couple of nuggets for people trying to get a sense of what’s coming up as the merger progresses. The loyalty programs will be combined in the first 6 months of 2015. From the customer standpoint, what’s the next major milestone to be reached in the merger? There are a series of them, but the next major one will be the integration of the frequent-flyer programs. They’re separate today, and we’re planning to integrate those [in the first half […]