It’s Time To Link Your American Airlines And US Airways Accounts

The merger of American Airlines and US Airways continues to move forward in bits and pieces without much in the way of technical glitches thus far, a good sign for members of both programs.  We’re starting to get to some of the more complicated items and it’s time to do your part to ensure your miles are handled properly.

View From The Wing announced last night that American Airlines and US Airways would begin the process of matching up your accounts in the respective programs today.  And the process is remarkably simple for you.

Once you log-in to your American Airlines or US Airways account there’s an immediate pop-up that prompts you to match your accounts:

American Airlines

There’s an important note in the e-mail to consider before you go ahead and link.  They want you to make sure the following pieces of information match in both accounts:

  • date of birth
  • email address
  • contact info

Now, my guess is that if your information matches closely enough, the computers will be able to combine accounts, but I wouldn’t take the risk of a delay for something so small as verifying this info is correct on both accounts.  Once you key in your corresponding program number (depending on which site you’re matching on), you’ll receive an instant confirmation followed by an e-mail confirmation from both of your loyalty accounts (American Airlines AAdvantage and US Airways Dividend Miles):
American Airlines

I think the confirmation e-mail from both accounts was a smart idea for American to show you that they really did successfully match your account.

As a general rule, since the AAdvantage program is the surviving program, I would be crediting any mileage you accrue there if at all possible.  I’m sure things will get sorted out but if you’ve got a miscellaneous mileage posting, still better to have it end up in your AAdvantage account in most cases.  The only big exception I can think of is if you are saving up for an award redemption that you can only get via US Airways, such as a higher mileage award that you’re very close to booking (saver inventory is available through the AAdvantage website and call centers).

There’s really no downside to linking your accounts now.  Take 5 minutes to verify your information and get this done today.


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  1. Do you know if my US Air miles will be moved over to my AA account right after I take this step? I am trying to build up enough US miles for an award ticket. Does that mean I should stay put? Thanks.

    1. JW, they are NOT moving miles right now, nor do they plan to do it anytime soon. The earliest I can see this happened in Q2 of this year, though at that point it may only be transfers back and forth between the two accounts. When are you trying to book your award ticket?

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