One of Air Asia 8501’s Black Boxes Recovered

The flight data recorder from downed Air Asia Flight 8501 has been recovered.

It’s been just about two weeks since the flight crashed and the recovery teams have reportedly heard pings coming from at least one of the boxes.  The black boxes typically have battery life for at least 30 days of active pinging, so there’s still plenty of hope that the voice recorder will also be found.  Authorities were having a tough time the first few days after the crash because they weren’t able to detect the pings coming from the black boxes.  Not having an exact location for the wreckage has likely slowed down the recovery effort a bit.

Authorities should be able to get valuable information from the flight data recorder, though it will likely be more helpful to have both black boxes to be able to recreate as closely as possible what was happening in the cockpit during the crash.  While the water itself isn’t that deep at the crash site, weather and strong currents have lead to very slow going for recovery workers.

Normally I wouldn’t say recovering a black box from plane wreckage would be terribly newsworthy in and of itself.  But, given recent history with MH 370’s black boxes (and entire plane) still missing nearly a year later, this is productive news for those attempting to find an ultimate cause for the accident.


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