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Folks Really Don’t Want Voice Calls On Airplanes, Marriott’s Award Category Updates for 2014, Check Your United Account To See If You Got Status You Didn’t Earn. Things I Find Interesting On Friday, March 21, 2014

London is reducing it’s very high departure taxes for flights. United is giving status to folks who didn’t earn it. Marriott is mostly raising the price of award redemptions. And, Delta makes a rare change in favor of the customer.

Marriott Brings Back Mega Bonus For Their First Promo Of 2014

Marriott is bringing back Mega Bonus for members in the first quarter of 2014.  It’s a fairly popular promo amongst Marriott Rewards regulars, and it allows for free nights at a relatively affordable price.   You’ll need to register, which can be done via this link.  Registration is open now. I’ve already heard of a few other folks who got different offers.  Marriott is usually pretty liberal about letting folks change to different promos. I’m not a huge Marriott fan, and the limit of category 1-4 properties makes this a […]

Don’t Forget To Register For Hyatt’s New Fall Promo

Registration officially opened yesterday for Hyatt’s fall promo, New Possibilities. You need to register here.  It’s always a good idea to register for promos even if you don’t think you’ll have a stay during the promo period.  It’s so easy to forget later on when travel plans change, and it’s free to register.  Hyatt is offering up to 50,000 bonus points for this promo.   You can read my full post on the promo here. And, you can review my breakdown on a bunch of the major hotel promotions out […]

Recapping My Progress On Hotel Status At The Half-Year Mark

We’re halfway through 2013 so I figured I would check to see if I’ve made the expected progress on elite status for the first 6 months.  I’m a big fan of Hyatt and Starwood (in that order) and had hoped to keep top-tier status in both when the year started.  Both are smaller than mega-chains like Marriott, Hilton and Priority Club so having both Hyatt and Starwood gives me ample coverage in most cities I travel to. First up, Hyatt.  I got a surprise and delight just about a month […]

Trying To Add Perspective To Recent Changes In Hotel Loyalty

I’m a bit behind reporting on the recent changes to the Hilton program that broke yesterday.  I saw the e-mail when it came out but a crazy schedule pulled me away from banging out a quick post on the info.  And, I wasn’t a big fan of the Hilton program before the devaluation.  But, I do think it’s worth considering the industry as a whole and take some educated guesses on where we’re heading. But first, the Hilton changes. View from the Wing has a ton of detail about the changes, so I’ll […]

Hyatt Announces Their Spring Promotion

View From The Wing has confirmation of the upcoming Hyatt promotion.  It runs from March 1st to May 31, 2013.  The confirmed details are: 3000 bonus points for every 3 nights stayed during the promotion period. 20% bonus for holders of the Hyatt Visa Card. Registration begins February 15th. So, how does this stack up against current promos by other chains past Hyatt promos?  Here’s a brief summary of Hyatt’s 2012 Fall Promo: Fall Hyatt Promo:  Guests earned 5,000 points after 5 nights, and an additional 10,000 points for each […]

Getting a Handle On The 2013 First Quarter Hotel Promos

Things are in full swing for the first hotel promotions of 2013.  Once again, the important take away here is to register for all the promos even if you don’t think you’ll patronize a specific chain during the promo period.  Plans change frequently and it’s free to register.  So, take a few moments to register when the time comes. I already wrote about Starwood’s Power Up promo that starts January 15th.  Not overly thrilling, but a decent value. There’s a discussion on Milepoint about the new Marriott promo.  So far, […]

Free Miles If You Have Marriott Stays Coming Up

View From The Wing has a nice plus for people who pledge their loyalty to the Marriott brand. United is offering bonus miles if you buy Marriott gift cards.  Now, I don’t frequent Marriott on a regular basis, but those people with Marriott status and frequent stays for business or a vacation coming up, spending $1,000 at a Marriott property shouldn’t be hard. To get 5000 miles, you need to purchase $1,050 in Marriott gift cards, redeemable at pretty much any Marriott property in the world.  Not a ton of […]

Starwood’s Fall Promo: Comparing It To Hyatt & Marriott

Starwood has announced it’s fall promo (Better Nights). Members will receive double Starpoints on stays of 1 or 2 nights and triple Starpoints on stays of 3 or more nights. There’s also an interesting booking bonus.  250 points for each stay if booked using their Blackberry app and 500 points for using the iPhone app (probably a bit more relevant given RIM’s failure at transitioning their brand to touchscreen). So, is this better than Hyatt’s promo?  Well, first of all, I don’t think either promo is worth switching stays from […]