Free Miles If You Have Marriott Stays Coming Up

View From The Wing has a nice plus for people who pledge their loyalty to the Marriott brand.

United is offering bonus miles if you buy Marriott gift cards.  Now, I don’t frequent Marriott on a regular basis, but those people with Marriott status and frequent stays for business or a vacation coming up, spending $1,000 at a Marriott property shouldn’t be hard.

To get 5000 miles, you need to purchase $1,050 in Marriott gift cards, redeemable at pretty much any Marriott property in the world.  Not a ton of miles, but if you’re a Marriott fan, this is easy pickins.

Wandering Aramean has info on Delta and Southwest’s participation in a similar promo.  The Delta miles earned are much worse than United, the Southwest are okay though I don’t keep track of their currency as closely as I used to.

So, United is still the best play here if you’re a Marriott loyalist.  But, it’s always good to have options.

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