Two Free Weekend Nights At Marriott When You Purchase Tires From Tire Rack

Thanks to Redneck Justin for sending this my way.

Tire Rack is giving away two free weekend nights at a Marriott hotel when you purchase at least $440 worth of Continental tires through June 2, 2014.

Weekend Nights 

It’s probably not a valuable enough deal to just buy the tires for the free nights, though I guess some industrious soul might buy tires and then sell them on eBay.

Part of what makes it a bit less valuable is that the Ritz hotels are excluded along with a bunch of other top-tier properties.  It took a bit of digging, but the full list of participating hotels is here.  It’s only 2700 of about 4000 hotels total, so there are a LOT not participating.

Admittedly, I’m not a Marriott guy, so I’m a bit biased against the value of their mid-tier properties.  But, if you’re already in the market for tires, it wouldn’t be too hard to get $200-$400 value out of two weekend nights at some of the properties on the list.

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