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Win Free Vegas Travel From Hyatt Gold Passport

Hyatt Gold Passport is launching a new digital hub to help you make the most out of Las Vegas, with an opportunity to win free prizes like free nights at M Life properties, show tickets and Hyatt Gold Passport points.  This is an expansion of their partnership with MGM Resorts and M Life that was launched last year. They’re branding it with the hashtag #MakeVegasYours, which will be tough to do in a city as wild as Las Vegas. You can find more info on the website launching today. I’ve […]

A Good Strategy To Earn Free Vegas Comps From Your Computer

Spoiler alert!  By the end of this post I might change my position that Facebook is the devil’s work. For those that are serious about collecting miles and points, hanging around communities like Milepoint, it’s generally about getting the most value out of a specific situation.  At our hearts, we’re deal junkies, always looking to find a way to eke out just a bit more from an unbelievable opportunity. When my best friend told me about the MyVegas game on Facebook, it sounded like the type of thing that was […]