American Airlines Launches LAX-MEX and the Uncomfortable Soda Can Discussion. The Best of The Rest for Saturday, June 6th, 2015

The Best of the Rest for Saturday includes American Airlines taking over the LAX-MEX route from Alaska, free $5 on iTunes, and more details on the disturbing soda can incident. Read more….

Germanwings Flight From BCN to DUS Believed To Have Crashed

The news isn’t good about Germanwings flight #4U9525 from Barcelona to Dusseldorf.  Early reports are that the plane crashed in southern France, with the outlook on survivors grim.  It’s been a disheartening time for plane crashes as of late with Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia flights going down.  If this report is true, it’s another sad tale. I’ve been following updates from flightradar24 and John Walton on Twitter (courtesy of real_jetsetr) that initially alerted me.  My heart goes out to the passengers and crew onboard, as well as their loved […]

United Predictably Chops Some Partner Earning Rates

United Airlines has released a large update to partner earning rates.  For most customers, I suspect earning rates will go down.  Across the board, it’s gotten more confusing for customers to figure out how many miles they earn. Wandering Aramean did a great job of putting together spreadsheets that illustrate many of the changes, dividing them into good and bad changes.  I picked Lufthansa and spent a few minutes comparing the new rates to the old ones.  This was for tickets that are not purchased on United 016 ticket stock. […]

10 Days In Italy: Getting Started On United To Rome

I don’t claim to be a renowned world traveler who’s been to every corner of the earth, but I feel like I’ve done a reasonable amount of exploration.  Plenty of destinations have been worthy of a quick stop, though not likely to be a repeat visit anytime soon.  Other destinations were worthy of repeat trips.  And then, there’s Italy.  We just plain love Italy.  Maybe it’s my heritage, but I find the people to be approachable most places we’ve been.  And, although some parts of Italy resemble Detroit in cleanliness, it […]

Mid-Year Check On Airline Status

Are you busy chasing airline status? I have been for the first 6 months of the year but still have a ways to go. I’m chasing status with both American Airlines and United Airlines. Status may not be what it used to be, but it’s still incredibly helpful if you leverage it correctly. Achieving 25, 50 or even 100,000 miles in a year takes hard work and careful planning.

United Airlines Again Working Hard To Lower Service Levels

When United and Continental announced their merger a few years ago, they trumpeted something like $2 billion in savings that could be realized from combining the two companies.  Fast forward to the 1st quarter of 2014 and the airline lost a half billion dollars in the quarter.  That’s obviously not the direction they want to be going, so they’ve set out to find other cost savings. One of the ways that they’re working on saving money is by outsourcing operations at 12 additional airports in the US.  Quoting from the […]

Top 10 List Of Things I Would Change In The Travel World, Part 2

In the midst of all my travel, there are things that pop up repeatedly that I wish I could change.  Part 1 of my wish list included things like fuel surcharges on British Airways award flights, United’s nasty new partner redemption amounts and the lack of redemption opportunities for Starwood’s new suite night awards.  There were some great comments from readers voicing their own “wishes”, and now I’ve got my final 5 changes I wish I could make. 6.  I wish United would remove the fare restrictions on their systemwide […]

Top 10 List Of Things I Would Change In The Travel World

I’ve gotten a bit fatigued writing about Daily Getaways so I wanted to write something more fun for me.  I went back through my list of ideas for posts and thought I’d have some fun creating a list of things I would change in regards to airlines and hotels if it were up to me.  I wouldn’t necessarily say these are the “Top 10”, but rather the Top 10 I’ve been able to think of.  In some cases, I don’t actually think these items will ever change, but this is […]