More Passbook Travel Integration

Passbook has really improved the quality of my flying experience.  I’ve been using it on my American and United flights and enjoying the ease of use it adds to my travel experience. I was happy to hear a few weeks ago that Hyatt (my go-to hotel chain) is going to be rolling it out soon. And, while I’m a bit late to the party on the posting, it looks like SPG is getting into the Passbook game as well. You’ll be able to store your member card in Passbook, which […]

Brief Thoughs On The New iPhone

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new iPhone out.  😀 I spoke with the small business manager at my local Verizon Wireless store last week and decided to take a drive over early Friday morning.  Well, not too early, probably about 8:30 in the morning.  Upon arrival, there was a line, though not a long one.  This store is located in the far corner of the suburbs, so I wasn’t expecting much in the way of a crowd. It didn’t take long to get my phone (actually picked up […]

I Just Used Passbook For The First Time

Okay, so it’s early.  But, I definitely like what I’m seeing.  I just checked in for my flight tomorrow on United using my iPhone 6 and successfully moved my boarding pass to Passbook. I wrote about Passbook recently and was pretty pumped about the possibilities.  There aren’t a ton of apps supporting it, but enough for me to start traveling with it using the United and American Airlines apps. I opened up the United app and checked in for my flight like I would normally. Once I clicked “Agree-Finish Check-in”, […]