Falling Backwards Into One Of The Worst Domestic Flights I Could Imagine

I fly at least 100,000 miles a year, most of which is domestically.  That adds up to a lot of flights.  Booking all those flights, hotel rooms and rental cars is time-consuming and leads to the occasional snafu on my part.  I joke that I book a flight for the wrong date of travel at least once a year, but in reality I’ve only done it a couple of times.  And, as sad as that sounds, I’ve only compounded that once by actually showing up at the airport on my […]

I’m A Member Of CLEAR Again

For those unaware, CLEAR was a program that pre-dated TSA PreCheck and allowed for a “skip the line pass”.  You still needed to go through traditional security screening, but you were pushed to the front of the line.  It started 2005-ish and perished about 4 years later.  It was purchased out of bankruptcy and restarted, though with significantly less airports than before. I was lucky enough to purchase a renewal for my wife and I just a month or so before they declared bankruptcy.  The company that bought their assets out […]

Delta Appears To Eliminate Saver Award Inventory 3 Weeks Prior To Departure

I’m not sure I wrote about Delta this many times in all of 2014….. It appears that Delta has wiped all saver award inventory for every destination for flights that depart within 3 weeks of booking.  I received a comment from Nun on my Delta post discussing their award chart removal this morning that alerted me something was going on.  I started doing some searches and literally couldn’t find any saver (cheap) inventory available between any city pairs I tried.  Here’s just one example:   Then, I started to see […]

Are NYC Airports Getting A Much-Needed Overhaul?

Andrew Cuomo announced a competition that will start in 30 days for the public to submit new designs for LaGuardia and JFK airports.  Seated beside him was Vice President Joe Biden, an intelligent politician in his own right, who frequently manages to stick his foot in his mouth.  It was earlier this year when he said the following at a speech about improving the transportation infrastructure in the US: “But if I blindfolded you and took you to LaGuardia Airport in New York, you must think, ‘I must be in […]

10 Days In Italy: Getting Started On United To Rome

I don’t claim to be a renowned world traveler who’s been to every corner of the earth, but I feel like I’ve done a reasonable amount of exploration.  Plenty of destinations have been worthy of a quick stop, though not likely to be a repeat visit anytime soon.  Other destinations were worthy of repeat trips.  And then, there’s Italy.  We just plain love Italy.  Maybe it’s my heritage, but I find the people to be approachable most places we’ve been.  And, although some parts of Italy resemble Detroit in cleanliness, it […]

Dulles & Reagan Airport Authority Keeping You Safe By Harassing My Uber Driver

Uber is a great service.  They make catching a cab an enjoyable experience.  Except in those cities where the local authority believes customer choice is a bad thing.  The airport authority that runs both Dulles and Reagan airports (MWAA) is not only crooked but generally speaking a bad operator.  They’ve done their best to discourage Uber in the DC market, and I ran into that when I landed at IAD yesterday evening. I usually drive to the airport but due to the fact that I was flying out of a different […]

Still No TSA Pre-Check Upstairs Security Area

I blogged last week that Dulles Airport had announced the arrival of TSA Pre-Check. At that time, they told me that the actual security checkpoint would open as a regular checkpoint upstairs a few days later and Pre-Check would arrive on September 25th. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Didn’t think to snap a picture, but you can see some progress upstairs, though no open checkpoint. I was by there on Friday and just swung by again a few minutes ago on my way to a flight. More equipment is in […]

TSA Pre-Check Has A Date At Dulles

I just went through the former Dulles Diamond checkpoint downstairs at IAD. I miss the Clear line and the Dulles Diamond line. This security entrance became not-so-secret over the last year. But, things appear to be getting better. First, the closure. The former Dulles Diamond checkpoint will close for good on September 5th. It will re-open as a regular checkpoint on September 9th upstairs near Harry’s Tap Room. On September 25th, a second line will open alongside (again, on the upper level) that will be the new exclusive TSA Pre-check […]