From My Daughter: Five Places I Want To Visit After Being Quarantined

From time to time, my daughter gets the urge to write a blog post.  She was talking about all the places she wants to visit when it’s safe to travel.  Next thing I know (without any urging from me) she wrote a blog post about her top 5 places she wants to visit.  If you enjoy this post, you can check out some of her previous posts. Without further ado, here you go….. Hi everyone! My name is Cat! You may have heard of me before, for my dad has written […]

See What’s Coming Up On The Blog

If you read my post yesterday about some of the humorous epic fails from our trip, you may have gotten the impression that some more time planning that trip would have likely removed some of the self-inflicted road blocks.  The reality is that I need a few more hours in the day to keep up with everything on my plate.  Who doesn’t? While I was on the road in Europe for the last two weeks, I did my best to keep up on blogging as well as reading all the […]

How Serious Are Those Customs/Global Entry Questions?

Anyone who’s traveled internationally has seen a customs declaration form at one time or another. For those of us who are US citizens and frequent travelers, we’ve seen tons of these, at least prior to becoming part of the Global Entry program. The questions asked as part of the Global Entry kiosk are essentially the same and something I’ve virtually always checked “no” to. A recent post on View From the Wing had me thinking about a recent time where one of those questions came back to bite me. The […]

Welcome To Halifax, Nova Scotia. Uh, That Really Big Plane Next To Us Looks Familiar

I have some family that live in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area that we try to visit each year.  Recently, we made our way up there via United and landed without incident, arriving at the international terminal.  Halifax airport isn’t small or big, though a lot closer to small.  It’s a very clean, well-organized airport that I truly do enjoy flying into and out of. Because of the relative size of the surrounding community there’s not a ton of air traffic at the airport.  Just about 3.5 million in passenger […]

Why I Love Travel And Why Those Reasons Changed!

I always enjoy hearing stories from people about their favorite travel memories. I’ve heard so many great stories from fellow travelers, readers of my blog as well as close friends and family. I’ve had an especially heavy business travel schedule the first half of 2013. The older I get the less enjoyable those trips tend to be, especially because they mean time away from my family. A little bit of travel fatigue lead me to think about that next dream vacation I want to take, which lead me further to […]

Things To Do If You’re a Family Traveling to Halifax

My family has been traveling to the Halifax area since I was in Kindergarten.  As I’ve gotten older and had kids of my own, it was natural to bring them up to visit family.  We’ve also enjoyed a few trips to the waterfront in Halifax and Catherine is now at the age where she’s really starting to enjoy the area. Halifax is not as popular as it’s West coast counterpart, Vancouver.  Like Vancouver, it’s a maritime city with plenty to do and see.  We timed our visit this to year […]

Review: Westin Nova Scotian, Halifax

One of the many new benefits of the Starwood Preferred Guest program is that award stays count towards earning elite status on a yearly basis AND count towards lifetime status.  Since I hadn’t yet re-qualified for Platinum this year and still need about 200 nights to achieve lifetime Platinum, I made the decision to burn a bunch of Starpoints this summer for award stays.  There were no Cash & Point stays available (which is one of the truly best values), but I was able to find rooms at all our […]