From My Daughter: Five Places I Want To Visit After Being Quarantined

From time to time, my daughter gets the urge to write a blog post.  She was talking about all the places she wants to visit when it’s safe to travel.  Next thing I know (without any urging from me) she wrote a blog post about her top 5 places she wants to visit.  If you enjoy this post, you can check out some of her previous posts. Without further ado, here you go…..

Hi everyone! My name is Cat! You may have heard of me before, for my dad has written about me in some of his posts about our family travels. I would really like to start by saying that travel is so different from the eyes of a kid or teen. But with this pandemic of history happening right before our eyes we are stuck at home unable to travel anywhere. How about after this crisis though? Hopefully soon enough the Coronavirus will pass over and things can slowly go back to how they were before. And that brings me to my discussion! Here are 5 places that I would like to travel to after being Quarantined!

Havasu Creek, Arizona

First off, Havasu Creek in Arizona! I saw this while scrolling through Pinterest a while ago and immediately wanted to adventure there. Havasu Creek is filled with fun, naturalistic views and waterfalls that will blow your mind! Although it is not the most well-known place, it looked completely wonderful from the moment I looked into it. Its etymology comes from ha “water” and vasu “blue-green” really explains its beautiful and clear aqua waters. From what I have read, swimming, rafting and kayaking is allowed in most of the stream when booking trips, tours and equipment ahead of time. Also, Havasu Creek is very close to the well-known and often visited Grand Canyon, making a trip from the canyon to the creek a lovely place to cool off. Havasu Creek is definitely on my traveling bucket list!

Havasu Creek, AZ – image courtesy of brandengunem/bigstockphoto

Road Trip in Maine

Next is something a little more simplistic. In the fall with its beautiful leaves and cool brisk weather, a road trip in Maine is the way to go! Maybe it isn’t the most unique place ever, but it definitely can be an adventurous and unpredictable place to travel through. It is definitely called the Pine Tree State for a reason, because its forests and woods are magical. And with the shore so nearby, great food and views await many. Maine is a very underrated place, even though there is so much to see and do. You just have to look and see what fun you can get into, because any place in the world can be enjoyable if you try new things.

Portland, Maine-image courtesy of jenlo8/bigstockphoto

London-Harry Potter!

Wingardium Leviosa! Harry Potter fans one and all, grab your robes and wands and let’s travel to London. Harry Potter fanatics are not the only thing you’ll find in London. But, true Harry Potter fans, such as I, see London as the home of our favorite story. With traveling to the train station where Harry gets on a train to a magical new school or walking through the streets of London just as our favorite character does, Harry Potter fans will see a few hidden things from the books. But there are other sights to see with London’s beautiful parks, wonderful sights and incredible landmarks like Big Ben. London has something for everyone to see and enjoy and is a very exciting place to travel to!


Iceland. My dream place to travel to and a truly beautiful one as well. Iceland has been a dream travel location of mine for awhile now, but it is sort of a harder trip to plan, if you want to see everything. From its amazing rocky terrain and hot springs to the gleaming colored night sky filled by none other than the incredible Aurora Borealis, Iceland is a destination packed full of new experiences that I would love so much to be able to see. Everything about Iceland has seemed grand, exciting, peaceful and the perfect place to travel to after this crisis does settle.

Peggy’s Cove

The final place on my list, which I am happy to say is my favorite, is a place that I have been going to since I could walk. Peggy’s Cove. My dad has talked about Peggy’s Cove before, but I want to share a different view of my favorite place to travel to ever. Peggy’s Cove is a small tourist spot in Canada near Halifax. As you slowly drive down to the ocean, trees disappear into rocks. Colorful houses and cute tiny shops and restaurants appear everywhere and then you see the ocean. Rocks everywhere to climb, handmade gifts ready to be purchased and a tall, simple lighthouse in the middle of it all! The breeze and the gorgeous views from the top but also the little caves and streams near to the ground. But one of the best parts I think is the rock towers. Every time we visit Peggy’s Cove we build a rock tower. Stacking each rock on the next making sure each one stays balanced. It truly is one of the most unique places, in my opinion, on earth and if you are looking for something new and adventurous this is the way to go. Peggy’s Cove will always be a favorite of mine and what I look forward to most after this pandemic rolls over.

The Final Two Pennies

Despite the fact that the Coronavirus may go on way longer, I can’t wait until it does end. Traveling has been something that has been passed onto me to love from my dad and I do truly love to explore new places, as much as I like going back to places I have already explored. Traveling new places is as much a hobby as writing a book or running a marathon. Exploring the world and learning about all it has to offer is completely amazing. I am forever grateful to travel most anywhere I desire. After this is over and things have been resolved, exploration will continue in my life, and I hope it does in your life too. Thanks for reading!

Just a quick note from Dad.  You always wonder how much your kids absorb when traveling, especially with the advent of iPads to distract them from some of the finer details of travel. When I see my daughter recalling the drive to a place like Peggy’s Cove, I can see the trees giving way to barren rocks, just the way she describes (and the way I saw it when I was her age). There might be better things in life than seeing the world through the eyes of our children.  I haven’t found them yet.

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  1. Great post. All are good ideas and she makes a strong case.

    We bumped a Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon and Sedona trip from Memorial Day to late October so I’ll look into Havasu Creek to see if it might fit in.

    PS I love rocky costs so enjoy the description of Peggy’s Cove.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback! I enjoyed Antelope Canyon a lot when we went, and if we ever did return to Arizona, it would definitely be someone I would enjoy to return, along with seeing many new places. Glad you see the beauty of Peggy’s Cove as much as I do!

  2. Great post, Cat! Maine is my favorite place in the whole world. And I love Peggy’s cove and London. Great minds think alike! Keep writing!!! Maybe you should start your own blog someday…

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I can’t wait to go to Maine and London, with also returning to Peggy’s Cove! I don’t know if I am quite ready to have my own blog, but it was so much fun to write it just the same!

  3. From Portland Maine, drive north along U.S.1. Keep going until you get to Acadia National Park. Stop in Camden and Rockland while you’re at it.Maybe do a schooner overnight or two. Eat lobster. 😉

    1. Thanks for the great advice about Maine! Eating lobster is one good reason to explore Maine!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Your daughter wrote a ‘lovely’ blog to cheer us up in these times of ‘uncertainty’. I have visited many of the venues on her ‘bucket/wish’ list, and can second her recommendations whole heartedly!

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed it! Thank you for the many nice remarks! I hope you can enjoy these times in the best ways possible!

  5. Cat, this is a great list! I love that you led with mentioning Havasu Creek, as it is not very well know and is near and dear to my heart (plus I also grew up in AZ in the city named Havasu). It’s a challenging (10+ mile) hike to get there, but seeing Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls on Havasu Creek is a magical and breathtaking experience. Great bucket list item!

    1. I am glad you liked the list! I was surprised when I first saw Havasu Creek that I hadn’t seen it before or it would of been at the top of my travel bucket list a lot sooner! It is also so nice to hear that someone has a connection to Havasu! Can’t wait to have you here for another pool party soon!

  6. Those are great suggestions, Cat! Having been to a few of those sites, I fully agree those are great places to see and I look forward to seeing them again some time soon!

  7. Great job Cat. You will surely follow your father’s footsteps and become a writer of some sort. Here are my top five:
    The first two were on the calendar for this year – hopefully they will get back on the calendar next year.

    Lake Annecy – I saw the French Eric Rohmer movie Clair’s Knee in 1972. I fell in love with the setting and found that it was the lake and the town of Annecy. It is the cleanest lake in Europe, with snow capped mountains surrounding it. I’ve wanted to visit ever since.

    The mountain trains of Switzerland – stay at Lake Lucerne

    Fiji – When I was in New Zealand I found that many of the people went to Fiji for vacation. I thought if these folks left this beautiful place go somewhere else, it must be something special.

    Bora Bora – I fell in love with Tahiti. In fact it ruined Hawaii for me. I went to Tahiti before i went to Hawaii and I always wanted Hawaii to be unspoiled Tahiti but could never get over to the developments. You can hear native music in Hawaii – if you go to a hotel and pay for a luau – but in Tahiti the music is in the people. They sing and dance everywhere. I didn’t get to Bora Bora which is even more secluded so that makes the list.

    Phuket – I love visiting Asia and have been to China, Japan, and Korea. This is next on my Asia list.

    1. Thanks! I would be so proud to be just like my dad! I really liked your plans for after this confusing time. I really liked how you mentioned Switzerland and I know my parents really would enjoy Fiji and Bora Bora! Hope you are well during these times!

  8. Cat is my Grand granddaughter ! In years past I took my children to some of Cats 5 favorites. I hope to get a chance to see Iceland! (In the summer of course)! A Maine road trip for lobster& chowder! And the big Indian in Portland.
    Our yearly trek to Peggy’s Cove is definitely a must see! Cat had a wonderful imagination and tells a compelling story! Can you name your 5 favorites?

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