Dream From Home! Save Money On Planning An Incredible African Safari

We’re stuck inside and it’s time to start dreaming!

An African safari has been a dream of mine for some time.  Sure, we’ve seen the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  But, we know that’s nowhere close to a true safari.  Every time we go to Disney it whets our appetite for that dream trip to Africa.  That’s why I tracked down Stefan Krasowski, a well-traveled expert on the region.  He’s been on the show with me before, talking about how to plan a safari for under $100 a day.  That’s the subject of this week’s Miles to Go episode:

I lead off the show with a quick note on my thoughts about booking travel right now. Travel is something that will help our family recover, and it might just be what you need when things get back to some semblance of normal.

We’re discussing the different regions of Africa where you should be focused on and we’re joined by Stefan Krasowski, who’s an expert on the region based on his extensive travels. Stefan runs the Facebook group Every Passport Stamp and you can find him blogging at Rapid Travel Chai.

Stefan also shares tips on how your Marriott Rewards and Virgin Atlantic miles to save money on unbelievable safari opportunities at some of the best national parks and game reserves Africa has to offer.

Links: Travel Will Speed Up The Recovery For Our Family (And Maybe Yours, Too)!

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  1. hey pizza man
    beaubo here blast from the past

    just finished a tanzania safari last month and
    i can vouch that that you absolutely get what
    you pay for on these safaris

    and if you don’t know what questions to ask thru can bite you in the ass

    and since it is a once in a lifetime trip there might be certain splurges that require a long and hard look

    anyhow. this thread is not the place. but happy to share our good bad and ugly. mostly good because we didn’t pay $100 per day!!!!!

    congrats on your being in the onboard movie trailer

    i’m pondering a more dark edgy book and documentary about all the ethically ambiguous studs that was done during the glory days before 2011. like a deep cuts version not greatest hits like this movie seems to be focused!!

    stay safe
    stay put
    stay sane
    stay hopeful


  2. It’s also my dream to be able to visit Africa and see animals in the wild in person! (A huge fan of Lion King when I was a kid lol)

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