From My Daughter: Creative Airports And Airlines

My daughter has been talking about writing a post for the blog for quite some time.  She wasn’t exactly sure where to get started.  Last night, as she was going to bed, she showed me a YouTube video that had a bunch of cool travel-related items.  I suggested that might be a good place to start.

When I got ready to write the post today, I asked her to write a few sentences talking about the video.  She said, “I can???”  Sure, why not?  For perspective, our daughter is still a pre-teen.  Hope you like her first post:

Hi! My name is Cat! I love traveling with my family! There have been many flights and airports that are not good but there are also some like the ones seen in this video. I came across this while watching another video and I called my dad over and we watched some together. It was so cool to see places in the world where people are using their creativity. This video makes me want to go to all of these places and I hope you feel the same about it too. I would love to write more on my dads blog, so tell me if you would to like to hear from a kid about travel (let me tell you, it is way different then what adults want in a good hotel or airport).

There are some funny scenes and a few obvious ones.

Enjoy the video:

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      1. I’ve been there, but I didn’t see the slide! Will have to look out for it next time. 😉

        In the meantime, time to start asking Daddy reeeeally nicely if he’ll take you to Singapore. It’s a LOT further than you’ve flown before…

  1. What a great way to introduce us to your own love of travel, Cat! Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of my favorites too. I was so excited to visit the new Terminal 3 in January.
    I would love to hear more of travel as you see it – from a teen’s point of view. Keep writing!

  2. Great job, Cat! I would love to hear what makes a hotel or flight a good experience for you!

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