What Do You Want Me To Write About?

Whew!  There’s a ton going on right now as I try to crank through a backlog of blog posts.  Work and summer family travel are conspiring to eat up my blogging time.  Couple that with my podcast (have you listened yet?) and a second project I’ll be launching this week, and I’m running behind as I so often do.

I’ve got 3 ideas for the next chunk of posts.  I reserve the right to change direction at any point, but I’m curious what folks would like to see.  Here are the choices:

Nova Scotia

I have a bunch of family that live just north of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Descendants of the Gambino family (yes, those Gambinos), they migrated North from the New York area 90 years or so ago.  As a child we would make a trip up there pretty much every year.  Once my wife and I had kids, we started to make it an annual tradition.

I’ve never taken the area for granted.  It has so much natural beauty.  Our kids absolutely love going to visit family and enjoying all that the area has to offer.  But, I’ve never spent much time writing about Nova Scotia.  Maybe that means I shortchanged you guys?  At any rate, I’ve got lots of pictures and could definitely crank out half a dozen posts on great things to do up there.

Lisbon, Anyone?

A number of months ago I made my first trip to Lisbon.  What a delightful city to visit!  I can’t wait to return.  I’ve got hotel reviews, food experiences and walking around the city to cover.

Travel News & Tips

There’s so much going on.  Marriott’s merger with SPG takes a big step in August when the programs officially combine.  And, there are always stories that can help you earn more miles and points (see Iberia’s “deal of the year”).  Plus, plenty of new credit cards and bonuses to consider for those looking to earn more miles and points.

What’s Your Opinion?

Let me know if any of these ideas strikes you.  And, let me know if there’s some other area you’d like to see more coverage on.  Leave a comment here and/or vote in my Twitter poll.  Always interested to hear what you guys want me to write about!

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  1. Nova Scotia would certainly be interesting. Personally I’d find good award redemptions from Washington of great interest! With an emphasis on least miles and greatest availability for business and first internationally.

  2. Nova Scotia and how to get there etc. With some ideas for quick long weekends as well as the longer trips.

    Also maybe just some less common way destinations (that you had favorable impressions from work travel) that are “easy” to get to non-stop from Washington area. i.e. those odd routes that still have UA/AA/SW flights like upstate NY etc..

    Lisbon is a good destination but “common” so a good single post or two is probably good.

    Another interesting post might be to compare and contrast the airport/flight experience as a traveler for work versus a family traveler. As a frequent traveler are you more empathetic to the families struggling with children? What do you make your children bring to help ease the trip that the less frequent traveler might not thing of – etc..

  3. 1. What kind of reaction you get around the world with your last name.
    2. Is travel hacking in the DC area harder (because there are so many of us) or easier
    3. Is Angelina Travels the hottest travel blogger

    1. Andy,
      1. Great reactions, all the time. People love it!
      2. I think travel hacking in DC is a bit harder because of the current mix of flights and availability. I’ll dig into that more in the future.
      3. Well, I thought “I” was the hottest travel blogger. 😛

  4. I’m a little late getting to this, but I would love to hear more about Nova Scotia. I visited once a long time ago, really long, and I did stumble on the Sleeping Effigy. I’d love to hear about more from someone who knows the place. I’d also love to hear more about Lisbon. I visited a few years ago and I want to go back.

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