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Check To See If You’re Targeted For Chase Co-Brand Bonus Offers: 7X On United And Southwest Cards

Trying to get into a rhythm publishing more regularly.  A quick post on some credit card bonuses that showed up in my inbox yesterday seemed to fit the ticket.  I received two bonus offers on Chase co-brand credit cards via e-mail, both of them worth your time. Edited to add: you can check even if you didn’t get an email. For my United MileagePlus Select card, I received an offer of 7 miles per dollar on United purchases and 5 miles per dollar on all other travel purchases.  The […]

Triple Miles Promotion On AAdvantage MasterCard

4th quarter bonus categories are common on other credit cards, but not specifically on the AAdvantage (previously US Airways) Barclaycard MasterCard. They have an offer that could be targeted, though there’s just a phone number, no specific code.

Citi Executive AAdvantage Card 3X Promo

It looks like Citi is getting more aggressive with bonus miles for category spending, something they haven’t done a whole lot of in the past.  I received the following offer today for both my Citi Executive AAdvantage credit card and my wife’s: This comes on the heels of a similar, but more limited offer from Barclay for category bonuses on my US Airways MasterCard.  Gotta wonder if there’s a bit of healthy competition going on.  2,500 bonus miles means you can max this out with $1,250 in spending across these […]