Save Up To $50 With Spending In Certain Categories On The World Of Hyatt Visa

Hyatt has made it a habit over the years of running promotions for holders of their co-branded credit card that reward members for holding the card.  One of my favorites is a promotion they’ve run the past few years where cardmembers receive a rebate on award bookings.  Most of these promotions have been focused on rewarding members who carry the card.  Now, Hyatt is announcing a new promotion for folks spending in certain categories on the World of Hyatt Visa.

Save $25 On $500 In Spending

Hyatt let me know about an upcoming promotion where you can save $25 on $500 in spending in both November and December:

Hyatt, Chase and Visa are launching a new promotion for credit cardmembers to take advantage of this season. Beginning November 1 to November 30, 2018, Cardmembers who spend $500 across multiple purchases on Telecomm (internet, phone, cable services), shipping, movie theaters and grocery stores in the U.S. on their World of Hyatt Credit Card or Hyatt Credit Card can earn a $25 statement credit on their Chase account. Furthermore, from December 1 to December 31, 2018, cardmembers can earn a second $25 statement credit for spending $500 in qualifying transactions of the same spend category on their World of Hyatt Credit Card or Hyatt Credit Card.

You’ll need to register for the promotion, which is quick and easy to do.  You have until November 30, 2018 to register.  A maximum of $50 in statement credits can be earned per card.  They will appear on your account 6-8 weeks after hitting either of the spending thresholds.

The Final Two Pennies

Members might have to work a bit to score both of these credits.  Between a cell phone bill, internet and monthly groceries, I think a typical family could hit $500.  But, it might require a bit of work to make sure all the charges hit in the right timeframe.  Our family isn’t huge moviegoers and don’t do a ton of shipping, so we’d be relying on telecom and groceries to hit the $500 spending required each month.  I do wonder if you were buying a new cell phone as a holiday gift if that would qualify here?

The structure here is pretty smart for Hyatt.  Getting recurring expenses like cell phone bills moved over to the World of Hyatt Visa is a “set it and forget it” sort of thing.  Customers might not remember to switch them elsewhere later on.  Those sorts of transactions are gold for credit card companies.

This promotion won’t make you a fortune but it’s certainly worth taking a look at.  It might even be worth buying a gift card or two at your local grocery store if you’re close to the required spending.  If you can hit the $500 each month, you’ll have yourself a $50 present for holiday spending!

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