Check To See If You’re Targeted For Chase Co-Brand Bonus Offers: 7X On United And Southwest Cards

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Trying to get into a rhythm publishing more regularly.  A quick post on some credit card bonuses that showed up in my inbox yesterday seemed to fit the ticket.  I received two bonus offers on Chase co-brand credit cards via e-mail, both of them worth your time.

Edited to add: you can check even if you didn’t get an email.

For my United MileagePlus Select card, I received an offer of 7 miles per dollar on United purchases and 5 miles per dollar on all other travel purchases.  The card normally earns 3 miles per dollar on United purchases and 2 miles per dollar on all other travel and at gas stations and grocery stores.  The only downside is that the offer is limited to $1,500 in spending combined across all travel categories.

United Airlines Credit Card Bonus Miles Offer

a blue and white advertisementA couple of clicks and I was all registered, with some basic T&C:

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Southwest Airlines Credit Card Bonus Miles Offer

The Southwest offer is similar to the United offer.  Once registered, you can earn up to 7 bonus miles on up to $1,500 in spending.  You can earn 7 points per dollar on Southwest purchases and 5 points per dollar on other travel spending and at gas stations and grocery stores.

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Our Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority credit card earns 3 points per dollar on Southwest purchases.  It earns 2 points per dollar on local transit and rideshare, with no other discounts on gas stations and grocery stores.

Bottom Line

I think the timing of these offers is interesting.  Travel is ramping up in a big way and credit card spending should be high.  In my case, these two cards are used very differently.  My United credit card is the primary card I use to purchase my flights on United.  I’ve already spent quite a few thousand dollars this year but I don’t use the card for literally anything else.  The Southwest card has been sitting on a shelf in my office for a couple of years now, not a single charge since the pandemic began.

The fact that both offers came from Chase at the same time makes me think the offers aren’t very targeted.  That also makes me wonder if Chase is floating at trial balloon to see if these cards would get more action with these sorts of bonus categories.  Gas stations and grocery stores were popular bonus categories during the pandemic.  While travel has returned to some level of normalcy, not everyone is traveling.  Maybe spending is down for Chase on travel-related co-brand cards.

My gut says these are not trial balloons for changes.  So, let’s take advantage of some bonus miles while we have the chance.  Check your inbox!

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  1. Do you have the activate the offer before the purchases are made to receive the bonus? I spent $1500 last week but just added the promotion today.

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