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The Best And Worst Frequent Flier Programs

Thanks to Neil M. for sending along this article from (pretty sure my father tried to send it to me as well, but the link didn’t come through).  I usually get a good chuckle out of broad statements like “best” and “worst” because they value of various loyalty programs is very subjective.  But, just for giggles I figured I would offer my two cents on how the folks at Bankrate did on this.   Southwest Easiest To Redeem Miles.  And, right out of the chute, we’ve got our first […]

SkyMiles Might Not Be Worthless, Around The World In A Middle Seat, Double Alaska Miles And A Hotel Room WIthout Walls. Things I Find Interesting On Thursday, February 13th 2014

Subtitle:  Things that seem kinda nuts on Thursday, February 13th, 2014.  🙂 Delta Skymiles aren’t worthless.  But they are still worth less than their competitors’ miles.  Gary of View From The Wing walks through a surprising increase in availability for travel from the US to Europe.  While space is still somewhat limited this summer the fall looks great.  Delta members rejoice!  Well, maybe not quite rejoice, but it beats a sharp stick in the eye. Airports teaming up with Maclaren to offer “loaner” strollers as an amenity.  As a parent […]

PointsHound 1,000 Point Bonus Until End Of January

PointsHound has an offer out today for a 1,000 point bonus on any booking 3 days or longer.   1,000 points is a nice bonus but this promo is a bit more targeted based on the longer stay requirement. I earned over 15,000 miles from PointsHound last year and probably could have earned quite a bit more if I was a bit more flexible.  I want elite recognition for my stays with chains like Hyatt and Starwood, so if a Double Dip rate isn’t available on PointsHound I’m not booking […]

Time To Learn More About Miles And Points! Frequent Traveler University Is Back April 25th-27th in Seattle

The next Frequent Traveler University has been announced for April 25th-27th, 2013 in Seattle!  Details: Purchase Tickets Here See Who’s Going And Discuss What You Want To Learn Special $99 Rate At Seattle Airport Marriott (host hotel)   If you haven’t been to a Frequent Traveler University, it’s a cross between a boot camp and a cocktail party friends.  There’s plenty to be learned and new friends to meet.  When I first started to get interested in mileage game I hung out on bulletin boards and read lots of threads. […]

American Airlines Just Called To Say They Still Love Me. Sort Of.

I’ve been an Executive Platinum member with American Airlines for quite some time now.  I think 2007 is probably the last year that I didn’t log 100,000 miles to retain/obtain EXP status.  I truly value it as the best airline status amongst the legacy US carriers.  This year, I’m running a bit behind on qualifying, but I have enough flights scheduled to get there by the end of the year (with the help of a few mileage runs). Apparently, American Airlines thinks I’m running a bit behind as well because […]

Wrapping Up Frequent Traveler University in Tampa

It’s been well over a decade since I started collecting miles and points.  It’s been over two decades that I’ve been obsessed with interested in travel.  Back in the day when I first started learning about miles and points, bulletin boards were the only way I could find information.  Fast forward a decade or so, and there are now events like Frequent Traveler University.  These are gatherings of hundreds of travel enthusiasts, some advanced and some beginner, getting together for the weekend to learn new ways to travel to aspirational […]

American Airlines Doing Targeted Status Challenges

The airlines are always looking for ways to acquire new elite customers.  Status match offers, where you prove you’re a loyal elite customer of another airline so you’re newfound airline girlfriend airline of choice gives you a fast track with elite status from them. Other times, the airlines will strategically look for customers who exhibit the types of patterns they like (and want to reward).  That’s what happened to a friend of mine recently, who received the following note from American Airlines.   IMO, this is a pretty good offer […]

Always Register For Promotions!

I got an e-mail from one of my friends a few days ago.  She had just returned from an overseas trip and wanted to send me a quick note about the miles she earned for her trip.  It turns out she registered for the 200,000 mile bonus offer that oneworld carriers American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia offered this spring, and ended up arriving home to find out she’d earned an extra 20,000 miles because she booked a World Traveler Plus fare for her trip. Her total mileage earned for […]