SkyMiles Might Not Be Worthless, Around The World In A Middle Seat, Double Alaska Miles And A Hotel Room WIthout Walls. Things I Find Interesting On Thursday, February 13th 2014

Subtitle:  Things that seem kinda nuts on Thursday, February 13th, 2014.  🙂

Delta Skymiles aren’t worthless.  But they are still worth less than their competitors’ miles.  Gary of View From The Wing walks through a surprising increase in availability for travel from the US to Europe.  While space is still somewhat limited this summer the fall looks great.  Delta members rejoice!  Well, maybe not quite rejoice, but it beats a sharp stick in the eye.

Airports teaming up with Maclaren to offer “loaner” strollers as an amenity.  As a parent of two I really like this idea.  We bring our Maclaren with us everywhere we go, but I’d much rather check it as luggage and have a stroller waiting for me at the gate.  I see this as a huge plus for parents and a pretty solid marketing opportunity for Maclaren.  FWIW, we’ve had a Maclaren umbrella-type stroller for 7 years now, having visited dozens of destinations in a handful of countries.  It’s still going strong.  HT:  newscience on Milepoint.

I’ve done some things that my friends think is pretty crazy to earn airline miles, including the occasional mileage run.  And I even booked a few overnight trips to Dubai next month just because the tickets were ultra cheap.  But, I’m not as nuts as Seth, (I’m pretty sure I already knew this) who writes the Wandering Aramean blog.  He’s doing an around the world trip.  In coach.  And a portion of it is likely in a middle seat.  Oy.

Lots of great double mileage opportunities on Alaska Airlines.  Hack My Trip has coverage on the new routes Alaska Airlines has announced, including Seattle to Detroit, Tampa and New Orleans.  They’re also offering double elite qualifying miles (cue the trumpets!) on a ton of West Coast routes in an effort to poke a finger in the eye of Delta after Delta turned their leg yellow.  That means the traveler wins.

While I’m not a big Alaska Airlines flier, they have a pretty solid elite program and also offer benefits that fit my travel profile.  They offer a domestic first class cabin, wifi on most flights, and the ability to use their miles for rewards on a number of other airlines like Delta and American Airlines.  You could do much worse than having elite status with Alaska.

Alive or dead?  British Airways brings back 100,000 point sign-up bonus for their credit card, but maybe only briefly.

How about a hotel room with no walls?  The view is great and I would love it, but I don’t think my wife is in the mood for exhibitionism on our next vacation!  Thanks to the girls at Heels First Travel on this one.

Point Me To The Plane has found a use for Google Glass I can finally wrap my arms around.  If the airlines really could have all my information at their fingertips (er, eyeballs) and be able to assist me on the fly?  Awesome!  But, since most of the domestic US airlines still use twine and tin cans to make their computers talk to each other I’m skeptical this is coming to the US anytime soon.

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