American Airlines Just Called To Say They Still Love Me. Sort Of.

I’ve been an Executive Platinum member with American Airlines for quite some time now.  I think 2007 is probably the last year that I didn’t log 100,000 miles to retain/obtain EXP status.  I truly value it as the best airline status amongst the legacy US carriers.  This year, I’m running a bit behind on qualifying, but I have enough flights scheduled to get there by the end of the year (with the help of a few mileage runs).

Apparently, American Airlines thinks I’m running a bit behind as well because they gave me a call to check and see how I was doing.  I’ve gotten one of these calls before, from someone in the “Executive Office”.  I’m guessing that it’s just a group of agents that are tasked by AAdvantage to follow up with top-tier customers that fall out of their standard pattern.  This was my second time receiving a call and I think it’s an excellent idea for American.  It’s a low-cost way to connect personally with your customer and let them know you’re thinking about them.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d much prefer extra Elite Qualifying Miles!

Anyways, it was a fairly quick call.  They asked me if everything was okay and noted that I was running behind on qualification for this year.  They didn’t say that they would help me out if I get close, but they did say to call if I had any concerns between now and the end of the year.  I do find it interesting that they take the time to make the calls for people that are behind on qualifying but don’t look at the future flight activity to see how close a customer is when taking into account that future activity.  It doesn’t seem like that would be a difficult piece to add.

I don’t advocate asking for mercy when coming up a few miles short of elite status.  While I’ve heard plenty of stories from folks who were 50 miles short of 100,000 and were given EXP, I’d hate to find out after it was already out of my control that someone wouldn’t make an exception for me.  If you’re planning ahead, there’s almost always a way to squeeze in an extra connection or a cheap mileage run to get you there.

Have you ever gotten one of these calls or come up just short on qualifying for elite status?  What happened?

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