Free Parking

Hyatt Offering Up To A 25% Discount On Award Stays And Free Parking Until October

This may be the turning point where we start to see really meaningful offers from travel companies looking to motivate us to start traveling.  Early on in the COVID-19 crisis the scramble was to confirm to customers that their elite status would be extended.  Brands like Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, American, Delta and United made announcements to put customers at ease.  There were also some early offers of shortcuts to higher status levels to try to spur customers to travel more.  Marriott even introduced a pretty lucrative discount on gift cards […]

The Secret Phrase That Can Get You Special Benefits At Certain Hotels

As a business traveler, I’m a pretty big fan of “surprise and delight”.  Traveling on almost a weekly basis, I expect to have the occasional bad service.  I expect dirty hotel rooms, crabby employees and general crankiness. The occasional surprise goes a long way.