The Secret Phrase That Can Get You Special Benefits At Certain Hotels

As a business traveler, I’m a pretty big fan of “surprise and delight”.  Traveling on almost a weekly basis, I expect to have the occasional bad service.  I expect dirty hotel rooms, crabby employees and general crankiness.

Back in the day, Hyatt Hotels used to do a pretty good job with surprise and delight.  I received a pretty cool reward for staying at 50 unique Hyatt hotels.  Other folks I know received a chunk of United Mileage Plus miles in their account unexpectedly.

Kimpton Hotels has had a strategy for quite some time to add a bit of surprise and delight to your hotel stay.  I haven’t followed the Kimpton brand closely, but I’ve been a fan of their secret password. This comes out a few times a year and can get you free perks during your next hotel stay.  The current secret password is “Out of Office”:

Until September 3, 2018 you can mention the secret password and see what surprise perks you get.  My good friend Mommy Points notes previous reports of free drinks, appetizers and bottles of wine.

The Final Two Pennies

I’ve never stayed at a Kimpton property but they have quite a few desirable locations.  Lee from Bald Thoughts has a number of property reviews on his site that can help you figure out more about the chain.

I love surprise and delight and I’m happy to see Kimpton continuing this tradition.  Here’s hoping that their acquisition by IHG doesn’t change that culture in the future.

Have you gotten something cool by mentioning the secret password at a Kimpton Hotel?

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