Respect For Service And Sacrifice

I was clearing security in an airport on my way home this morning, eager to see my family after a few days away.  I miss them when I’m gone, which likely comes as no surprise to those that read my blog on a regular basis.  Even though I spend a good portion of time away from the family, I’m lucky. As I headed up the escalator towards security, a handful of military folks in uniform hopped on the escalator in front of me.  At the top, they headed off to […]

Which Way To The Plane?  Take Alpha To Bravo

The best laid plans… So, before this picture, I had a couple of days planned to get caught up on a bunch of blog posts I need to write. The good news is that they don’t think it’s broken, but we’ve got two weeks in a cast to be safe, then a follow-up (and hopefully a cast free rest of the summer). At any rate, hoping to get back to blogging shortly. In the interim, here’s a little bit of info only an aviation geek could find funny/interesting. Upon landing […]

Thank You For Your Thoughts

Wow.  I have to say I’m more than a bit overwhelmed.  I haven’t been paying attention to much the last 28 hours other than the family member we were forced to say goodbye to yesterday. I’ve been trying my best to read and respond to all the comments people left, and I inadvertently clicked  on “Stats” instead of “Comments” this morning when I was going to approve a few comments that were awaiting moderation. I’m literally blown away by the number of people who read my post from last night. […]