American Airlines-US Airways Merger Development To Be Announced Shortly

American Airlines and US Airways are getting ready to make an announcement in relation to the merger.  Based on the bread crumbs I’ve seen, there are only three reasons I can foresee: 1.  They’re calling off the merger. 2.  They settled with DOJ. 3.  They’ve convinced the state of Texas to drop their objections to the merger. Since they just got through approving an extension of their exclusivity period to emphasize they’re committed to going to trial, that would lead me to believe it’s not #1.  And yet, if DOJ […]

American And US Airways Get The Day They Want In Court

It’s been a bit of back and forth between DOJ and American Airlines/US Airways in relation to the lawsuit DOJ filed to block their merger.  The airlines wanted to start in November while the DOJ wanted to start the trial in February (but was willing to compromise for the sake of the judge’s schedule and move to March). The judge ruled today in favor of the airlines and a November start date.  I saw it first on View From the Wing, and then went digging for more info.  Terry Maxon […]

Dissecting The AA/US Response TO DOJ On Trial Scheduling

It’s been an interesting few weeks to follow the DOJ intervention into the merger between American Airlines and US Airways. I’ll admit to being surprised when maybe I shouldn’t have with DOJ weighing in. But, I don’t think I’m in the wrong when I say that DOJ has been a bit sloppy here and there with their prose so far.  I don’t necessarily think their position that a merger is anti-competitive is “wrong”, but I do think they could have positioned their arguments better so far.  And, as a consumer, I […]

American Airlines & US Airways File Motion For Speedy-ish Trial; Poking Belly Of Bear?

American Airlines and US Airways filed a m0tion for a speedy trial today (or what amounts to speedy, I guess for DOJ).  You can read the full motion here.  The government wants 6 months to prepare for trial.  American/US Airways think it’s reasonable to start in 90 days.  Before getting into the document in detail, I ‘ve got to say I’m surprised American and US Airways would be willing to wait 90 days for a trial to commence.  I’m not saying that it’s unworkable but I did think this would […]