Discounted Hotel Rooms

Earn Miles And Pay Less For Hotel Bookings And Car Rentals!

There are plenty of companies offering incentives to book hotels through different booking paths. There are a bunch of different fits based on your travel patterns. When you consider the discounted rates, Club1 may be a better fit for folks than Rocket Miles or similar competitors.

Did You Win $250 From Me?

Thanks to everyone who entered my Club1Hotels giveaway.  In case you missed it,  I was recently introduced to a new site, Club1Hotels.  They truly offer lower rates than other channels out there, including Expedia and the hotel’s website. They’ve set up a page where folks can register for a free 1-year Beta membership.  They currently sell membership for $675, but you can sign up with no credit card on file for the first year for free. You can see the instructions on how to sign up for free here. When I’m approached with […]