DOT Investigating Those United “Krone Krime” Mistake Fares, Southwest Making Their Points Less Valuable And Other News

The DOT is officially investigating the “Krone Krime” United mistake fares from earlier in the week.  Gary’s pretty sure the DOT will side with United.  While that’s still the most likely outcome, I think there’s still a puncher’s chance some of these tickets are honored. From mistake fares to Danish Krone, the only logical transition is to a German man doing a striptease on a plane.  Matthew Klint really does end up on all the fun flights. Southwest is devaluing their Rapid Rewards program, adding “variability” to certain flights, so […]

United Says They WIll Not Honor Yesterday’s Mistake Fares

The news came out last night from United that they would not honor those incredible sub-$100 fares in Business and First class from Europe to the US and beyond.  Here’s the text of the note United is sending to people who booked those tickets: We have discovered an error with a vendor’s currency exchange rates that temporarily allowed customers to book reservations through the Danish version of at prices that were incorrect, despite United having filed the fares properly. We have suspended sales from our Danish website until the […]

Did You Get An $85 First-Class European Ticket This Morning?

Every time I talk to someone who’s disappointed they missed out on “the most incredible mistake fare in the entire world ” I tell them there will be another one. Most folks don’t believe me. Until the next one comes along. Like today. I first saw it on View From The Wing. It appeared to be a pricing error, possibly due to currency conversions. The fares were pricing under $100 round-trip in Business Class and First Class from Europe to the US. The availability on this was amazing. I saw […]