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Up To 2,000 United Miles For Avis Rentals

Don’t forget to vote in my Briggs & Riley Torq Suitcase giveaway for your chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Points, Miles & Martinis has the scoop on a new United MileagePlus offer for Avis rentals. 500 bonus miles for rentals of 1-2 days 900 bonus miles for rentals of 3-4 days 2000 miles for rentals 5 days or longer Here’s a booking link.  You’ll need to use the promotion code MUAA039. The base earning rate for Avis rentals is 75 miles per day.  These numbers make this a strong […]

A Good Deal From Hertz Gets Better For Longer Rentals

I’ve been pretty happy with the most recent offer Hertz has had in the marketplace that offered 4 miles per dollar spent with them.  It’s been good to me, with virtually every rental I try to book showing the lowest price while still offering the 4X miles.  That’s why I was pretty happy to see the offer improve, though just for longer rentals. The new offer still comes with 4X miles for rentals 4 days or less, but bumps up the bonus to 6 miles per dollar for rentals over […]

Sick Value Out Of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

For the miles and points junkie, it’s all about the deal.  With any deal, bigger is always better, right?  That’s our goal.  Find the biggest deals.  The game keeps changing which is what keeps it interesting.  I recently stumbled upon a wrinkle in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program that can provide such value.  I wrote about the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program in the middle of last year and found some good (though not great) value.  The play there was mostly about diversity but I did find some good […]

AVIS Offering Bonus AAdvantage Miles Again

AVIS is offering 250 bonus AAdvantage miles per day for car rentals.  This one is good through the end of 2012. There’s a discount code that goes with it as well.  A couple random checks yielded some rates that were the same without the discount code, but I did have one come up higher when I plugged in the code.  So, make sure to double-check before you use the code just to be sure. This isn’t as good as the 3,000 miles for a 1-day rental offer this summer, but […]

Hertz Platinum And TSA Pre-Check Save The Day

Some days, everything comes together exactly the way you need it to.  But, to even have that chance you need the right tools.  I had to use two of mine this week to make a flight I was running very late for. Hertz Platinum is one of those services I’ve really grown to love over the last few years.  Most of the benefits are unpublished, but essentially you get tons of special treatment.  Most stations give decent upgrades without asking, and I’ve never been turned down for a specific request.  […]

Even More AAdvantage Miles For Budget Rentals

Budget and AAdvantage have a new mileage offer out for the next couple of months. Not quite as lucrative as the offer I wrote about last week for AVIS and Budget, but this essentially extends a 1,000 mile bonus per day up to a 10-day rental. It doesn’t really pay to use this offer until you get to a 6-day rental.  And, at that rate, you’d be better off renting 2 separate cars for 3 days at a time on the 5,000 mile code from last week.  But, if you […]

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards: Is It Worth Accumulating Points?

I’ve been a Hertz guy for a number of years now, and pretty much 100% Hertz since getting Hertz Platinum (their quasi-unpublished level with pretty cool benefits) a few years ago. For the longest time, I credited my rentals to Southwest.  Under the old Southwest program, they used to perpetually offer double credits and sometimes as much as quadruple credits for rental.  At quadruple, it didn’t take long to accrue free tickets (8 rentals, iirc). At some point in the past X months, Hertz started to focus on their rewards […]

Denver Airport Expansion Well Under Way (Navigating Through The Construction)

Back in 1995, the existing Denver International Airport opened for business.  A whopping 20+ miles from downtown Denver, it was humongous and the only new major airport built from the ground up in the US in decades.  While there were bumps and bruises, they did a lot of things right when they built it.  Wide  (and long) concourses, making it easy to navigate to your plane.  Plenty of moving walkways to get you there quickly.  I remember flying through there a few years after it opened and thinking how big […]

A New Study Explains, In Part, Why I’m Dumb

It’s only June and I’m already over 80,000 miles in the air for the year.  Now, some will scoff at that number and have probably booked much more than that.  Most of my trips are domestic short haul, so there’s a bunch of them.  And, they do wear after a while. This recent survey details the effects of travel on the body.  In part, it says frequent travel can lead to:  • A reduction of mental capacity  (yup, got that) • Diminished communication skills (nope) • Lower levels of concentration […]