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$400 Off Qantas Flights Of $2500, British Airways Latest To Get Hacked And More Travel News

Did your British Airways account get hacked?  View From The Wing did.  It seems like almost every airline and hotel has had a public episode of hacking recently. $400 discount on Qantas flights of $2500 or more via AmexSync reported in this Milepoint thread.  Were you lucky enough to score it? You would think that with as long as the 787 was delayed, American Airlines’ contractor for seats could have gotten ahead of the game. Free Performances at the Kennedy Center in DC.  I’ve lived in DC 17 years and still […]

Malaysia Airlines Flight From Kuala Lumpur to Beijing Disappears

I saw this story last night but it was still developing.  Malaysia Airlines is reporting that it lost contact with a flight going from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing about 2 hours after departure. The plane flying the route this day was a 777-200ER.  While Malaysia Airlines bought those planes at the tail end of the 1990s, that’s really not terribly old for a plane, especially given the safety record Boeing has with that plane. What’s truly odd here is that there was no distress signal from the plane at all. […]

Things I Find Interesting On Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway today for a free American Airlines Admirals Club day pass.   My favorite airline, American, is announced new service to Asia.  View From the Wing has all the details, but here’s a summary: New Dallas-Shanghai service scheduled for summer 2014. New Dallas-Hong Kong service on the new 777-300ER also scheduled for summer 2014. They’re ending JFK-Haneda service this fall. They’re expanding service on the new 777-300ER out of Miami.  Both London and Sao Paolo to be added. Best news of all.  Retrofits of the existing […]

81 Hours To Europe: LHR-JFK, Awake On American Airlines’ New 777-300ER

A Running Start At Oslo And Copenhagen A Ride On The New 777-300ER From JFK To LHR A Running Start At Oslo And Copenhagen My First Spin Through T5 At London Heathrow Flight To Oslo Radisson Blu Plaza Oslo The NordicDO Flights A Quick Stop At The Radisson Blu Copenhagen Copenhangen To London, Trying For An Earlier Flight Copenhagen SAS And Contract Lounges, And A Surprise Upgrade This would be my second time flying on the new American Airlines 777-300ER.  Even though I had slept most of the way on […]

Try American Airlines New 777 International Business Class Product For Coach Prices

American Airlines launched a new 777 business class product that’s supposed to be awesome not too long ago.  I haven’t had the opportunity to experience it yet, but they’re supposed to be great.  View From the Wing (probably the most knowledgable/experienced person on this subject) thinks it’s the best seat to fly in across the Atlantic. So, why not fly it for a couple hundred bucks instead of thousands? These planes aren’t the type you’re going to find on your typical flight in the domestic US.  This is one of […]

Asiana 214 Crash: Latest Report is 2 Dead, 1 Unaccounted For

Any fatalities is bad.  But, from 60 unaccounted for to 1 is a huge relief assuming the information is accurate.  A good night to give your kids an extra hug. There are some initial technical notes in some pilot forums that seem to indicate some changes to the landing threshold in terms of how the pilots are guided to land.  Way too early to tell what the cause is and many different factors possible. In the end, if only 2 people lost their lives in a crash where the entire […]

Asiana Flight 214 Crashes At SFO; UPDATED: 2 Passengers Deceased

It’s very early on, but reports are that all passengers and crew escaped a pretty bad looking crash at SFO about an hour ago.  Here’s one of the initial reports.       **No, you can’t actually click on the last image to play, just a really clear image of what happened.   If everyone did get off the plane alive, that’s a testimony to a well-built plane.  I’m biased as a Boeing guy, but this looks like a very hard crash.  The tail is gone and one engine is […]

Some Quick Thoughts On American Airlines’ New Livery

My family and I are traveling to Great Wolf Lodge (trip report and tips for families to follow later), so I probably won’t be posting much in the next couple of days. There’s been a bunch of buzz in the blogsphere over the past 24 hours or so on American Airlines’ new logo.  AA is my favorite of the domestic US carriers, so there’s a certain attachment to the current livery. I’ve always been a big fan of the polished metal finish that American has sported for as long as […]

Confirmed: No Polished (Unpainted) Finish For American Airlines’ New Livery

American Airlines’ first 777-300ER touched down at DFW today, looking like it’s substantially covered in white.  I can’t confirm it’s paint and not a decal, but it sure looks like paint.  This is not earth-shattering news, it was pretty widely expected to be a much more significant paint/decal job. Click on the link to see the pictures, or see below: Sigh, change is a part of life.  And, who knows?  I may really like the new livery.  But, I’ll sure miss the old one.  Yes, I know that makes me […]