$400 Off Qantas Flights Of $2500, British Airways Latest To Get Hacked And More Travel News

Did your British Airways account get hacked?  View From The Wing did.  It seems like almost every airline and hotel has had a public episode of hacking recently.

$400 discount on Qantas flights of $2500 or more via AmexSync reported in this Milepoint thread.  Were you lucky enough to score it?

You would think that with as long as the 787 was delayed, American Airlines’ contractor for seats could have gotten ahead of the game.

Free Performances at the Kennedy Center in DC.  I’ve lived in DC 17 years and still haven’t been.  #uncultured.

Emirates still expanding in the US, doubles down on Seattle and announces daily flights to the House of Mouse. HT: LLfromTO on Milepoint.

25% off economy award tickets on United to Chile and Brazil. Seth says he sees good availability as well.  I don’t have a burning desire to fly to South America in coach, but it’s a good price to do so.

Some people see airplanes as flying buses, just a means of transportation.  But, there’s so much more than that.  Ever wonder how to tell the difference between a 767 and 777?  Here’s a quick and easy guide to figuring out plane types while plane spotting.

According to a new state law, you may be spending time in jail in Florida if you falsely classify your pet as a service dog.  I’ve heard anecdotal reports about people trying to sneak non-service animals onto planes.  The certification process to designate your pet a service animal has some fairly loose requirements, so this isn’t terribly surprising.

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