Confirmed: No Polished (Unpainted) Finish For American Airlines’ New Livery

American Airlines’ first 777-300ER touched down at DFW today, looking like it’s substantially covered in white.  I can’t confirm it’s paint and not a decal, but it sure looks like paint.  This is not earth-shattering news, it was pretty widely expected to be a much more significant paint/decal job.

Click on the link to see the pictures, or see below:

Finish For Finish For Finish For

Sigh, change is a part of life.  And, who knows?  I may really like the new livery.  But, I’ll sure miss the old one.  Yes, I know that makes me a bit weird when it comes to travel.  But, then again, I think we’ve already confirmed that.  After all, who goes to Zurich for 18 hours?


  1. Well anyone follwing KPAE blogspot has known this for weeks as the plane has been going through trials. Blue and light gray here we come…

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