Asiana Flight 214 Crashes At SFO; UPDATED: 2 Passengers Deceased

It’s very early on, but reports are that all passengers and crew escaped a pretty bad looking crash at SFO about an hour ago.  Here’s one of the initial reports.







**No, you can’t actually click on the last image to play, just a really clear image of what happened.


If everyone did get off the plane alive, that’s a testimony to a well-built plane.  I’m biased as a Boeing guy, but this looks like a very hard crash.  The tail is gone and one engine is detached.  One wing is wrecked.

I hope the reports are correct that everyone is safe and sound.

ETA: 2 Passengers are reported deceased at this point with a handful still missing.  I’m hoping for better news as the night goes on.

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  1. SFO is completely closed down. Flights are diverting to San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Seattle, and Los Angeles. They don’t know when the airport will reopen.

    I live in the area and local reporters are currently saying they do not know whether everyone is alive. My prayers go out for their safety.

  2. The debris field begins at the rock face short of 28L and is a little right of the center line. The tail is gone just aft of the rear pressure bulkhead. Certainly a hard landing. Gear hitting the rocks and/or the tail hitting the rocks could be factors in such a short distance down the runway. Good thing Boeing builds strong airframes.

  3. Actually the unaccounted number is 60 but that does NOT mean they perished. It just means they are unaccounted for. They probably wandered off. The 2 pax that perished were in the tail section of the plane.
    My heart goes out to everyone involved.

    1. FFF, I just saw the 60 unaccounted. I’m surprised it’s that many at this point, roughly 5 hours later. I’m hoping the number of fatalities stay where they are. Definitely heartbreaking.

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