Maybe Private Jet Travel Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

I’ve been lucky enough to be on a private jet once or twice.  They were fairly small as private jets go, but it was still a much easier experience than flying commercial.  Small jets led to bumpy flights, but it was a worthwhile trade-off for me since I don’t plan to have the funds to afford a private jet in the foreseeable future.  Everyone thinks private jet travel is awesome, me included.  I’d love to be bopping around the world in my Gulfstream.  But, apparently even the occasional private jet flight goes awry.

My best friend sent me a hilarious story yesterday that i couldn’t resist sharing.  DISCLAIMER, parts of it are not G-rated.  It’s nothing horrible, but not the type of thing I’d reprint in whole on my blog.  And yet, still a hilarious read.  Here’s a quick excerpt:

True horror sets in when you realize you’re not on a spacious 20 person G5 with couches, beds, lay-z boys and a fully tucked away private bathroom. No, on this day you are traveling on a six-person puddle jumper sitting shoulder to shoulder with your clients and co-workers. But wait, somehow the story gets even worse…

Full article from some site I’ve never heard of before here.

And, FWIW, I’ve seen one of those “stalls” at a private jet show at Dulles airport a few years ago.  Yeah, no.

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  1. Cracked me up as I could totally see this happening. I fly a corporate jet a few times a year and am glad I have not had this experience. Corporate jets sure are nice, but this is another negative along with no points….

    1. OceanBreezes, I’ve been on jets like this with no actual bathroom. Glad I didn’t get caught like him! His descriptive nature is priceless. I cracked up a second time re-reading it.

  2. It takes a lot to make me laugh nowadays but this article brought me to my knees!! Absolutely hilarious and believable. Thanks for sharing, PizzaDude!

    1. Cholula, funniest thing I’ve read in a while. And, you’re old enough. You really should laugh more. 😛

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