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The Best of the Rest is my effort to summarize all the travel/miles & points stories that interested me on a daily basis but didn’t have time to write about  in length.  Culled from over 100 blogs/authors I follow, some are passed along without comment, while I add my analysis to others.   This is your shortcut to find out what’s going on in the travel world without having to read dozens of travel blogs to get all the best info.

Expiring Amazon Promos And Are United Employees Deliberately Slowing Operations? The Best of the Rest For Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Don’t forget I’m giving away two months of your own free travel assistant to everyone and 1 year of a free travel assistant to two lucky winners. The Best of the Rest is my effort to summarize all the travel/miles & points stories that interested me on a daily basis but didn’t have time to write about in length.  On a daily basis, I try to keep track of roughly 100 different blogs (try being the operative word) that have interesting things for you and I to learn from.  Some are […]

American-US Airways Merger Moves A Step Closer With Bankruptcy Judge Approval

Things took another step closer to culminating the merger between American Airlines and US Airways yesterday when the bankruptcy judge approved the merger.  This was not a surprise, just a necessary mechanism in the process. The next step is for the creditors to formally vote on the proposal.  I’d be utterly shocked if the creditors veto the arrangement.  One of the only things that the creditors have publicly squawked about is American CEO Tom Horton’s severance package.  They don’t have to worry about an up or down vote on that […]

American Airlines Bankruptcy Judge Voids Pilots’ Union Contract

It’s official, though I think it was just a matter of time. Late yesterday, the bankruptcy judge in the American Airlines bankruptcy case gave AMR permission to void the pilots’ union contract. This goes back a few weeks ago, when the judge rebuffed American Airlines on a couple of small points. Quote from the new president of the pilots’ union, which just shows how ignorant they really are, IMO: “Management won’t be able to restructure successfully without first reaching a consensual agreement with us,” said new pilots’ union President Keith […]

Not A Big Surprise, AA Is Asking For More Time To Control the Bankruptcy Process

Sources are reporting that AMR, the parent of American Airlines, will ask for more time to exclusively file a reorganization plan. This comes as absolutely no surprise to me since the airlines are still negotiating with the unions. I’m happy to see the unions and AMR talking again, and happy to see that the rumors are the unsecured creditors are in favor of an extension here.  I’m just not sure I believe it.  I’ll hope this happens in the next few days and AA has more room to navigate through […]

American Airlines Union Talks Continue To Evolve

A couple of recent developments appear to add complexity to AA’s push through bankruptcy: The pilots union has agreed to put AA’s latest offer out to it’s members for a vote.  Because of this, the bankruptcy judge has delayed his decision until August on whether or not to invalidate the union contracts. On Tuesday, various media outlets were reporting that two other AMR unions were interested in re-starting contract talks. I’m not exactly sure where this puts us in the AA bankruptcy saga.  On one hand, it’s good to see […]

American Airlines Very Close To Deal With Pilots Union

The New York Times is reporting that AA is very close to a deal with it’s pilots union.  I may be whistling past the graveyard, but I think this is excellent news. AA and the pilots have been fighting negotiating for virtually 4 years.  The pilots represent one of AA’s biggest expenses and certainly it’s biggest labor expenses.  The bankruptcy judge was due to rule today on whether AA could terminate the contract and impose harsh terms on the union.  In my opinion, the judge was pretty much a lock to […]

American Moving Aggresively to Trim Labor Cost

According to this Wall Street Journal article, American Airlines is set to trim about 20% of it’s non-union payroll through job reductions and benefit reductions. I wrote earlier about the closing of the Admirals Club at my home airport, Washington Dulles.  While I’m disappointed, I do understand the reality that AA is facing. When AA didn’t declare bankruptcy along with all the other airlines earlier in the last decade, I thought it was the noble thing to do.  Now it looks like that decision has hurt them. All signs point […]