Cheap Flights Where You Can See 2 Cool Destinations And A Review Of “All You Can Fly” Service

Here’s what I’m reading about today in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flight of the Day: There are two great opportunities to visit two cities with one ticket today.  The first involves Iceland and Paris.  As noted by The Flight Deal, Icelandair allows 2 free checked bags which can save you some serious coin.  If you’re considering Paris, you can read reviews from my most recent trip and my trip the year prior.    The second double dip is $800-ish fares to visit both Sydney and Bali.  These types of fares are things I relish, getting to knock out more than one destination on a trip.

British Airways is making some pretty substantive changes to their fare structures for short-haul flying.  This could actually be a good thing.

All-you-can-fly plan for Norway. It’s a beautiful country and well worth exploring.  This package isn’t cheap, but if you were thinking about an extended trip this would make a good deal.

Southwest Airlines includes a “Pay With Amazon” option for onboard entertainment.  The mileage junkie in me wonders if the Pay With Amazon option would utilize gift cards from your Amazon account or just a Paypal-like channel.  I’m not an expert on Amazon Pay and don’t spend a lot of money on Southwest, but every mile counts!

A brief primer on some shortcuts to earning and retaining Marriott elite status.  As an SPG elite for many years, I might need to bone up on this given the impending Marriott/SPG merger.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Republic Airways has filed for bankruptcy.  Most folks won’t know who they are, but if you do any amount of travel you’ve likely been on a flight operated by them.  They’re doing a bunch of the regional jet flying for the big domestic airlines.  This probably won’t impact the cancellation of additional flights on its own, though there may still be big changes to schedules because of their lack of pilots.

Via Cranky Flier, I read this article that claims United purchased 737s in the $20+MM range.  That’s an unbelievable price if true.  With competition like that, I can imagine my Bombardier has found it tough to identify many customers for their new C Series plane.  That being said, when I was up there a few years ago to discuss the plane with them, they were fairly certain the plane would have trouble finding share in the US based on the work rules for crews in the US.

A fellow blogger tested out the new “all you can fly” plan from OneGo.  There are two things I can tell from this.  OneGo is well-funded.  And, they have good customer service.  Unfortunate to hear it’s not working perfectly now, but promising for the future.

Best Buy is having a really good sale on MacBooks today.

The most famous airport employee I can recall.  Kinda cute.

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