I Took My First Airplane Flight In 14 Months. Here’s What I Learned

When I think back to last March, flying home New Zealand with a brief pit stop for some work in Las Vegas definitely didn’t seem normal  When I was on the tarmac in Auckland waiting to take-off, the United States closed the borders to anyone arriving from Europe.  That seemed pretty serious at the time.  Still, I told my wife I was coming home and would probably be off the road for four or five weeks.  14 months later and fully vaccinated, I got back on the road last week […]

So, That’s What 100 Airports Looks Like

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit nutty about travel.  Where most people dread getting on an airplane, I’m frequently happy, especially when traveling with my family.  Being a self-avowed aviation geek, I keep track of all kinds of kooky stats about my travel.  I was excited when I chalked up my first million miles in the air and am working my way to 2 million. So, a little bit of me geeked out when I realized I had blown by 100 unique airports in my time on the road and […]

Apparently, Sex Is Popular In Airports

Anyone who’s an aviation enthusiast has likely contemplated joining the Mile High Club. Similarly, I would have said that most folks who have traveled through the typical European airport wouldn’t think it’s an ideal place to have sex. Boy, was I wrong. A recent survey of 2,500 British citizens found that nearly 10% of them reported having a sexual encounter in an airport. That may not sound like a high number.  But, think of an average single-aisle plane like a 738 that might carry 150 passengers.  I highly doubt 15 […]

Identify The Mystery Airport To Win An American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade

I was on a plane the other day, flying over an airport and couldn’t readily identify it.  Most folks don’t think twice about such things, but if you spend as much time on airplanes as I do, weird things interest you.  I’m banking on the fact that there are enough aviation geeks who follow along here that this one won’t last long.  First comment to correctly identify the airport wins an American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade (SWU), expiring in February 2014.