Identify The Mystery Airport To Win An American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade

I was on a plane the other day, flying over an airport and couldn’t readily identify it.  Most folks don’t think twice about such things, but if you spend as much time on airplanes as I do, weird things interest you.  I’m banking on the fact that there are enough aviation geeks who follow along here that this one won’t last long.  First comment to correctly identify the airport wins an American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade (SWU), expiring in February 2014.

Mystery Airport

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    1. Congrats, Oscar, for being the first to correctly recognize MEM. And, kudos to Amol for noting it was from the Northwest. I’ve landed at MEM but honestly didn’t recognize it. I also didn’t think we could make it to the MEM area from LAX in less than 3 hours. This came about 2 hours and 50 minutes from pushback (not takeoff) at LAX.

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