American Airlines Has An Interesting New Game, Like Their Facebook Page For A Chance To Win 25,000 Miles

Though the prize isn’t that large, American Airlines has a bit of an interesting new game out today revolving around the launch of the new Airbus321.  If you like their Facebook page, you’ll have a chance to win 25,000 miles.

An Interesting

The catch?  They’re taking away 100 miles from the pool for every minute it takes to hit 321,000 new likes.  When I logged on a moment ago they already had 1,000 likes but had also burned 9,000 miles from the pool.  While it’s still early, smarter folks than me will be able to run numbers on the likelihood they give away a bunch of awards.

If you’ve already liked their Facebook page you can still enter, no problem.  Here’s the text:

An Interesting



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