Amazon Prime Day Deals I’m Looking At

If you’ve been living under a rock you might not know that Amazon Prime Day is today (July 11th) and tomorrow.  We earn commission if you buy anything from our links.  Pizza in Motion has always been free to all readers and we appreciate your support to help us buy our gear for our next trip!  Don’t forget to check out my wife’s favorite exercise gear, especially if you’re healthier than me (pretty low bar to clear). Anker Gear On Sale For Prime Day Anker is my go-to for all […]

Delta’s SkyMiles Flash Sale and Top Credit Card Promotions for April

The Best of the Rest is my effort to summarize all the travel/miles and points stories that interested me on a daily basis. I didn’t have time to write about them in length, but I picked some of the best below. Culled from over 100 blogs/authors I follow, some are passed along without comment, while I add my analysis to others. This is your shortcut to find out what’s going on without having to read dozens of travel blogs to get all the best info