Have You Voted For Your Favorite Airline and Hotel Yet?

It’s that time of year again.  Since 1988 the Freddie Awards have been the voice of the frequent traveler.  No panels of experts, just you and I voting on our favorite hotels and airlines.   Millions of votes were cast last year and voting is already under way this year.  I’ve been helping organize the voting and award ceremony for the last few years and it’s always a blast to see who the frequent traveler thinks is the best in any given year.  Last year, I was surprised to see […]

Allowing The Use Of Cell Phones On Planes For Voice Calls Is A Bad Idea, Even If The FAA Says I’m Wrong

A bunch of folks have written about the FCC’s decision to consider (again) the use of cell phones on planes for voice calls.   I had initially decided I wasn’t going to write about it despite having strong feelings, mostly because I didn’t think my strong objections were unique. But, a reporter contacted me seeking information for an article on this issue.  After writing down some thoughts for her, I decided it was worth framing the issue up so you could weigh in. I was admittedly taken aback by the […]

American Proactively Handing Out Miles After Massive Shutdown

In case you hadn’t heard, American Airlines had a major meltdown Tuesday, effectively electing to ground their fleet for most of the afternoon. It’s the type of meltdown you’d expect in the middle of a merger of two airlines, except that’s not what happened. They’re nowhere near merging computer systems. This was just a run-of-the-mill disaster. I actually was flying American Tuesday. I had my connecting flight scheduled in the timeframe where things melted down, I just happened to be lucky enough to standby for an earlier flight, making my […]

The Somewhat Relentless Push to Revenue-Based Frequent Flyer Programs And Why I Think That Makes Lifetime Status More Valuable

View From The Wing has a synopsis on what is starting to seem like an inevitable change to revenue-based frequent flyer programs by the legacy domestic US carriers. Shockingly, I’m really not a big fan of revenue-based programs.  While most of my fellow road warriors prefer to “earn and burn” I’ve always preferred stockpiling points.  My strategy’s not for everyone.  Because I travel a lot for business, it’s not always easy to plan trips ahead of time.  So, sometimes my trips come in batches and I like to have enough […]

An Update on the Update (My 5-Hour Delay on United)

I decided I wasn’t really satisfied with the compensation offer United had made me previously for my delay, so I decided to write them another note. In case you don’t have the whole story, you can read about my compensation request here and the delay here. This reply was much more timely than the last one, taking less than a week.  However, the reply itself wasn’t better.  The person I was speaking with empathized with me about the delay and said: Please understand United carefully reviews our guidelines regarding goodwill compensation […]