Dream From Home! Save Money On Planning An Incredible African Safari

We’re stuck inside and it’s time to start dreaming! An African safari has been a dream of mine for some time.  Sure, we’ve seen the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  But, we know that’s nowhere close to a true safari.  Every time we go to Disney it whets our appetite for that dream trip to Africa.  That’s why I tracked down Stefan Krasowski, a well-traveled expert on the region.  He’s been on the show with me before, talking about how to plan a safari for under $100 a day.  That’s […]

Arrogance in the Air Leads to Jail on the Ground

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Travel takes many shapes and size. While I have my small share of exotic trips along with some of my fellow traveling crazies, the majority are simple point A to point B. They don’t require leaving the country and certainly don’t involve passengers trying to open an emergency exit on their own.