Super Cheap Fares To…Everywhere

Well, except for the US. There’s two great sales going on right now.

First, Delta decided to attack United in their hubs to places in Europe.

Sample fares from DC, San Francisco, Chicago:

Dublin [DUB] $390 – $530
Oslo [OSL] $630
Brussels [BRU] $630
Stockholm [ARN] $636
Lisbon [LIS] $639
Copenhagen [CPH] $644
Warsaw [WAW] – $653
Prague [PRG] $660

United decided what the heck and released low fares out of Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis.

Russia for $300, Europe for $600. I can’t recall Russia fares in coach that cheap, though I don’t know I have the appetite for a flight to Russia in coach.

And, to top things off, there are fares from $550 to $750 to a bunch of places in Africa and the Middle East.  As the Flight Deal says, think of Seychelles for $600.

These aren’t mistakes.  These are airlines playing in each other’s sandboxes.  Or, to put it more crudely, kinda like the owner that lets their dog wander onto the neighbor’s lawn to take care of business.  Neither airline is likely to “win”, but the customers will with fares like these.

These fares are largely available through May with a brief break in late March.

There’s no doubt these fares won’t last.  It’s important to remember that you’ll have 24 hours to cancel these fares if you book them while trying to figure out if you want to take a trip.

So, not a lot of harm in booking one as long as you remember to cancel.  C’mon, one crazy flight to Europe won’t kill you.  It’ll be fun!

And, if you’re not following The Flight Deal on Twitter, you’re finding out about this hours after everyone else.  It’s quick and easy, and one of the best resources for cheap fares on the internet.


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  1. Ed said “C’mon, one crazy flight to Europe won’t kill you”.

    That’s correct. But after 2 flights JFK/MXP – Asia on the cheap fare from May (in coach), my wife will kill me if I book another itn like this (in coach). 😉


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