The Difference Between A Great Product And A Great Company

As a frequent traveler who has a pretty set routine, there are a number of pieces of technology that I rely on heavily to try to stay organized and efficient.  There are reasons I choose certain products, and this short story about a company I prefer. High on my list are good quality headphones/earbuds/bluetooth headsets.  All have a permanent place in my backpack and serve a specific need.  They’re also all Bose branded products.  I carry the Quiet Comfort 20i noise-canceling headphones and absolutely love them.  You can see my […]

AAdvantage Systemwide Upgrades Now Usable On US Airways Flights

The most valuable SWUs just got more valuable. American Airlines has topped the list for as long as I can remember, awarding systemwide upgrades to their Executive Platinum members (and for million mile thresholds) that can be redeemed to upgrade to the next class of service in any flight operated by American Airlines, regardless of fare class.   I first saw View From The Wing reporting this over the weekend, and I was a little surprised. I thought this step was more likely to come when the reservations and passenger […]

Is It That Hard For TV Shows To Portray Air Travel Correctly?

This is a bit of inside baseball, but as I’m catching up on TV with my wife, I came across another of those instances where television and movie producers are quite liberal with how they portray air travel.  No, this wasn’t like the movie Up in the Air, where they show a MD-80 (a small, single aisle plane) taking off from an airport before switching to George Clooney’s character sitting in a lie-flat seat on what presumably is a 767, a much, much bigger plane (and, vice versa).  But, even […]

SPG Announces First Promo Of 2014, Underwhelms

Starwood Preferred Guest has announced it’s 1st quarter 2014 promo, Bring On The Nights:     The promo calls for a 2,500 point bonus for every 5 nights up to a total of 25 nights. If you hit 25 nights, SPG will award you an extra 5,000 Starpoints. SPG is one of my favorite hotel programs, but the value of recent promos certainly doesn’t take my admiration to a higher level.  This is clearly worse than the current promo they’re running, Take Two.  Take Two awarded double points on all […]

Aaron Sorkin Crafts Another Gem

You may not know the name, but you probably have heard of something he has written or produced.  Sports Night, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, American President, Moneyball, The Social Network.  And, one of my all-time favorite TV shows, The West Wing.  I have a few friends who lean so far right politically they almost tip over, and they still loved West Wing, a show where Martin Sheen stars as a Democratic president of the US. Studio 60 was a short-lived show Sorkin did in 2006.  It lasted 1 […]


Not sure how many people are still watching ER. My wife and I are behind on all of our TV watching, and on the way back from Italy, we finally got to watch the finale thanks to iTunes. My wife and I both used to really enjoy ER, and agreed that the last few seasons weren’t quite as good as it used to be. But, since we can both remember watching the first episode many years ago, we stuck with it. About halfway through the season, we realized this year […]