AAdvantage Systemwide Upgrades Now Usable On US Airways Flights

The most valuable SWUs just got more valuable. American Airlines has topped the list for as long as I can remember, awarding systemwide upgrades to their Executive Platinum members (and for million mile thresholds) that can be redeemed to upgrade to the next class of service in any flight operated by American Airlines, regardless of fare class.


I first saw View From The Wing reporting this over the weekend, and I was a little surprised. I thought this step was more likely to come when the reservations and passenger service systems merged further down the road.

There were some glitches I heard with this over the weekend, but I’ve also now heard success stories.

US Airways doesn’t have a ton of international flying, and to my knowledge not even all of their planes offer lie-flat seating in Business Class overseas. But, most do, it’s a decent product, and for those that can access East Coast gateways like Philadelphia will now have the ability to buy a cheap coach ticket and upgrade it to Business Class/Envoy Class.

I’d expect there will still be glitches until full integration, but this is now possible for savvy fliers. Look for C inventory and avoid booking codeshare flights. As a general rule on any flight right between the two airlines, expect codeshare flights to offer all sorts of issues.

Another positive step towards completion!


    1. SST, codeshare flights are the biggest frustration right now, but it’s still better to have this option now than when they integrate res systems. I’d certainly pay a few hundred extra dollars for a ticket if C inventory was available to book with the operating carrier and score the upgrade right now.

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