Daily Getaways Is Back! Here’s A Quick Look At Week One

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If you’re new to the points and miles world you might wonder what Daily Getaways is.  It’s an annual promotion sponsored by the US Travel Association.  Daily Getaways took a break during the pandemic but is back again in 2022, getting started today.  While all the deals may not be spectacular, there are some gems.  And, for folks who don’t travel for a living or have a ton of credit card spend it can be a great way to jump start a vacation plan.

There are four weeks of deals and some are better than others.  I’m going to try to break down the deals in weekly batches.  As a general rule, I don’t recommend buying points unless you have a specific use in mind for them.  Keeping that in mind, here’s a look at the deals up this week from Daily Getaways:

Buy IHG Rewards Points For Half A Penny Each

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This is the first day of deals and some packages have already started to sell out.  These points get deposited right in your IHG Rewards account to use as you see fit.  At half a penny each, I would not buy these points unless you had a plan.  There are plenty of opportunities to buy IGH Rewards points at this price point throughout the year, so I wouldn’t be stockpiling here.

Tuesday, July 19th: Four Nights In An Accor Hotel In Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle Or New York City

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These are certificates for free nights, not points.  That makes them a bit less flexible but these actually seem like they could be a really good value.  The Chicago package is 4 nights in a Junior Suite for two including breakfast.  The Los Angeles and NYC ones are a bit pricier, but folks could find value here.  There aren’t a lot of packages so they may sell out quickly.

Wednesday, July 20th: Buy Hilton Honors Points For Half A Penny Each

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Similar to the IHG Rewards points for sale, I’d only be buying Hilton Honors points if you had a specific purpose in mind.  Half a penny is probably a fair price for Hilton Honors points and you can absolutely find great value at that price with a bit of elbow grease.  But, since Hilton maintains a variable award chart I wouldn’t be stocking up.

Thursday, July 21st: Buy 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points for $175

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I’d feel better if the Wyndham points were a bit cheaper but there are still some phenomenal deals to be had here.  Wyndham Rewards has a very flat award chart where free nights cost either 7,500, 15,000 or 30,000 points per night.  That means 15,000 points will get you a free night at many nice hotels and two nights at some bargain properties.  There are some Wyndham properties at Disney World that can be good values for Wyndham Rewards points at certain times of year along with many other popular destinations.

Friday, July 22nd: Buy 10,000 Best Western Rewards points for $55

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I’ll be honest, I don’t follow the Best Western Rewards program at all.  This is probably about the right price for Best Western Rewards points, but so many of their hotels are budget hotels that I think it would be hard to get a ton of value out of a purchase like this.  As with the other points packages above, I wouldn’t buy Best Western Rewards points unless you had a specific plan.

The Final Two Pennies

Daily Getaways isn’t quite as lucrative as it has been in the past but there are still deals to be found.  There are a total of four weeks worth of deals and some of them are quite good (20% off a Marriott gift card).  Stay tuned for further updates.  For now, be cautious on the first week of deals, with the possible exception of those Accor certificates.

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