Earn 250 Free Bilt Rewards Linking To Amazon (And Another 250 For Redeeming)

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I earn affiliate credit if you sign up for the Bilt Rewards Mastercard using links in this story.

Bilt Rewards has rolled out another partner for redeeming your points and they’re offering a bonus to celebrate the new partnership.  You don’t need to sign up for their credit card to be a member of Bilt Rewards and earn the bonus points.

Bilt Rewards is the only program that allows you to earn valuable points when paying rent at no cost to yourself.  There are other ways to earn points for paying rent but they all come at some cost to you.  Bilt Rewards allows you to earn up to 50,000 points per year at no expense to you.  I’m fortunate enough to own my home but I hold the Bilt Rewards Mastercard which allows me to earn transferable points that I value.  More on that in a bit.

Free Points For Linking Bilt to Amazon

The new Bilt Rewards partnership with Amazon allows you to redeem Bilt Rewards points towards Amazon purchases at a rate of 7/10ths of a cent each.  I don’t consider that a great value, it’s on par with other credit cards.  But, Bilt gives you two opportunities to earn easy points with the new partnership.  First, you can earn 250 points for linking your Bilt Rewards account to Amazon.  And, you can earn another 250 points when you pay for all or part of a purchase on Amazon using Bilt Rewards points.  So, you can redeem a couple of Rewards points and earn 500 points to use in the future.  Not a windfall, but free points are free points.  I already got mine.

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Why I Consider Bilt Rewards Points So Valuable

Some folks have questioned the value of Bilt Rewards points.  It seems most of their argument is because the credit card doesn’t have a true sign-up bonus (side note: I’ve heard rumors of some folks actually getting a small sign-up bonus as a targeted offer).  That argument doesn’t hold water to me, since the only folks who should really be worried about a sign-up bonus are those concerned about Chase’s 5/24 rule or other similar restrictions on multiple credit cards.  Here’s why I think folks should be paying attention to the Bilt Rewards program:

  • Free points for paying rent.  Something millions of people already do with no reward.
  • Extremely valuable points that transfer to American, United, Hyatt and other programs.  While some folks love using international programs to get the most value, many folks just prefer to redeem with the airline they see flying from their home airport.
  • No fee Bilt Rewards Mastercard has the same earning structure as Chase Sapphire Preferred (2X on travel, 3X on dining) but no annual fee.  That makes this an easy card to hold onto and leverage for the bonus categories.
  • Flexible currency means you can transfer a small amount of Bilt Rewards points to an airline or hotel loyalty program to “top up” and redeem a reward.

The Final Two Pennies

I don’t recommend redeeming your Bilt Rewards points for Amazon purchases.  You’re not getting nearly enough value out of your flexible currency if you do.  But, hopefully we’ll see other worthwhile promos for using the Bilt Rewards Mastercard to pay for Amazon purchases.

And, I learned a long time ago never to pass up free points and miles.  You don’t need a plan for 500 points today, they won’t get you very far.  But, they’ll definitely come in handy in the future.  Heck, Bilt has done this with other airline and hotel loyalty programs in the past just for linking your accounts.  They recently rolled out a travel portal (powered by Expedia) that I’m in the process of reviewing and hope to report back on soon.  In short, it makes no sense to ignore Bilt.  They are 100% relevant whether you’re a renter or not.  Signing up for Bilt Rewards is free, just like the annual fee on their credit card.

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