Week 2 Of Deals! Daily Getaways Has 20% Off Marriott Gift Cards And More

Week two of Daily Getaways is here and it’s better than week one.  Some of the best Daily Getaways have been gone for years but week two brings back a fan favorite.  More on that in a bit.

If you’re unfamiliar with Daily Getaways, it’s an annual promotion sponsored by the US Travel Association. You’ll find daily travel deals that go on sale each day at 1pm ET.  Daily Getaways took a break during the pandemic but is back again in 2022, getting started today.  While all the deals may not be spectacular, there are some gems.  And, for folks who don’t travel for a living or have a ton of credit card spend it can be a great way to jump start a vacation plan.

Some of the week one deals are still around, but likely aren’t worth your time unless you have a very specific plan.  Let’s take a look at week two:

Monday, July 25th: Universal Orlando Deals

The first thing to note about these deals is that they only apply to Universal Orlando, not Universal Hollywood in California.  There are three separate deals and they’re all interesting to me:

  • Two 3-day tickets for $742:  Your mileage may vary on how much you can save.  If you bought two 3-day tickets during the December holiday season they would set you back roughly $900.  Other times of year this represents a much smaller discount.  It’s also important to note that Universal has run promos during non-peak times in years past on multi-day park tickets.  Lastly, when you consider the price of tickets at Universal and the expense to tack on Express Passes, you might be better off buying an annual pass.
  • Universal Orlando VIP Experience: This one can actually save you a pretty decent amount of cash.  The tour includes park tickets and even breakfast.  The only thing to consider is that the T&C state that it is subject to availability.  I know some of the folks at Universal in the VIP tour department and I’d be pretty surprised if they weren’t reasonable on this, but it is worth noting.  You could easily save $500 buying this package if you intended to do a VIP tour.  VIP tours can be a great way to cram multiple days into one, skipping lines and scoring all the best rides.
  • Universal Orlando Vacation Package: It’s hard to tell how much you could save with this package.  It includes airfare for four, a 3-night hotel stay and three days worth of 3-park park hopper tickets.  Airfare has been insane lately though I’m not sure how long that will actually continue.  Hotels have been pretty expensive as well.  The package is advertised as a 30% discount and I do think you could hit that if everything went the right way.  Still, a 20% savings would net you well over $500.

Tuesday, July 26th: Purchase Choice Privileges Points At A Discount

As with all the other points deals thus far, I wouldn’t be investing in Choice Privileges Points without a plan.  These packages range in price from 6/10ths of a penny down to 5/10ths of a penny.  At that price, you can definitely find value in the Choice Privileges program.  They do have some nice properties here and there, though you’ll mostly find budget hotels.  Again, if you’ve got a plan, these packages might be worth a look.  Otherwise, I’d wait until tomorrow’s deal….

Wednesday, July 27th: 20% Off Marriott eGift Cards

This is arguably the best deal in this year’s Daily Getaways. It may not be the biggest discount but 20% off a Marriott gift card is still pretty solid.  And, given the flexibility of a gift card, you don’t need much of a plan to invest in these.  While the quantities may seem higher than other packages, these will go fast.  You should be able to score one of these gift cards without a lot of trouble if you’re on the site at 1pm ET.  However, you’ll probably only have time to get one before they all sell out, so choose wisely.

Thursday, July 28th: Discounted Venetian Las Vegas Suites

If you like Vegas these are really good deals on these room types.  These are both massive suites at Venetian Las Vegas.  You can definitely find cheaper rooms in Vegas but it would be hard to find cheaper suites.  The T&C do note blackout dates apply.

Friday, July 29th: Purchase Hyatt Points At A Discount

These Hyatt points packages are an incredible deal.  The only reason why they’re not higher up on my list of deals this time around is that the quantities available are miniscule.  There are only 16 total packages available.  The point values are between 1.2 and 1.3 cents, which is a great price for Hyatt points.  But, you may as well play Powerball if you score one of these packages.

The Final Two Pennies

The Marriott gift card card deal is the star of the week, but there are also some gems if you have specific travel needs.  Both Universal and Venetian can be solid deals under the right circumstances.  Unfortunately, it will take a bit of luck to score one of those Hyatt deals.  Good luck!

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  1. Do you know how quickly they send the egift card? I have a Marriott Trip planned for next week and I would like to be able to use the gift card.

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