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Hotel elite status can go a long way to helping make family vacations more palatable.  I’ve been able to use my Globalist status with Hyatt to have our Hyatt Concierge secure guaranteed connecting rooms on my family’s summer vacation trips, as well as suite upgrades.  I value Hyatt’s Globalist status more highly than any other earned hotel status available right now.  With a recent announcement, crafty folks will find a very quick path to Globalist status. First, the offer:

Double Night Credit At Hyatt Ziva And Zilara

Hopefully, you’ve heard of Hyatt’s all-inclusive brands.  If you haven’t, here’s a quick tutorial:

Hyatt Ziva is Hyatt’s family-oriented all-inclusive brand.  Couples are still welcome, but the resorts are geared more towards family travel. We had a lovely stay a few years ago at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos.  I’m not an all-inclusive guy and I was pleasantly surprised about the food quality.  Ziva locations are:

    • Cancun, Mexico
    • Cap Cana, Dominican Republic
    • Los Cabos, Mexico
    • Montego Bay, Jamaica
    • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Hyatt Zilara is an adults-only all-inclusive experience.  My wife and I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, but hope to in the future.  Zilara locations are:

    • Cancun, Mexico
    • Cap Cana, Dominican Republic
    • Montego Bay, Jamaica

Double night credit is a great way to accelerate your way to elite status.  For road warriors, shifting your loyalty from one brand to another can be painful while you “build up” useful status in your new program.  Hyatt softens this impact with new benefits every 10 nights you stay on your way to elite status.  These milestone rewards can be quite valuable, including $100 Hyatt gift certificates and early access to Globalist suite upgrades.

The promotion runs from August 1 through November 23, 2019.  You do need to register, and you should do this now.  Even if you don’t have a stay planned, this promotion runs until November.  It would be easy to forget if plans change a few months from now.  And, even if those nights won’t get you to the next status level, those aforementioned Milestone Rewards can be, well, rewarding.  Even for folks who have no problem hitting 60 nights with Hyatt on a yearly basis, you can earn an extra award for each 10 nights you hit, up to 100 nights per year. A Globalist who used this promotion to get to 70 nights (or 80, 90 etc) could choose a 10,000 point bonus or an additional Globalist suite upgrade.

Get There Even Faster

If you’ll recall, I recently discussed Hyatt’s new partnership with American Airlines.  This promotion provides bonus points and miles for Hyatt and American Airlines elite members.  We discussed it in more detail recently on my podcast.  The other element of the tie-up between the two companies?

Status Match Challenges!

As I was reading Hyatt’s announcement about the promotion, I was wondering if these double nights would count for folks who signed up for status match challenges would be able to “double-dip” on the double nights.  Turns out View From The Wing already got that answer from Hyatt.

That means someone with AA status who got an offer similar to Gary’s of achieving Globalist status after 20 nights could do so with 10 nights at a Ziva or Zilara property.

The Final Two Pennies

Don’t forget to register for this promotion now.  It takes 30 seconds to do so, you just need your Hyatt #, not even your password.  Plans change and promotions like this fade into the background if you’re not planning on going to Jamaica or Mexico anytime soon.

The only downside I can see here is that there aren’t any Ziva or Zilara properties in the continental US to take advantage of this promotion with.  So, your typical road warrior can’t max this out quickly.  Still, anyone considering a trip to a Hyatt Ziva or Zilara property now has another reason to do so!

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