Marriott Unveils A Summer Promotion

Summer isn’t generally a time when hotel chains go out of their way to give big incentives for your business.  While some business travel is reduced there’s plenty of leisure travel to go around.  That means some hotel chains take the summer off completely from offering promotions.  Hyatt has traditionally offered one of my favorite promotions each summer, right when lots of people have leisure travel to maximize it.  This year is no different, with another summer promo where you can earn a rebate on all points you redeem.

Marriott has just announced a summer promotion entitled Endless Earning.  There is no maximum amount of points you can earn, as the name would suggest.  But, you also won’t be cashing in big time from this promotion.

Marriott Endless Earning Details

Endless Earnings will award 1,500 bonus points for each paid stay of at least 2 nights, with no limit on the number of stays.  On the positive side, all properties appear to be participating.  A long list of excluded properties was an annoying habit of SPG when they built promotions.

However, the number of points you’ll earn from this promotion is pretty meager.  If you have any one-night stays, you won’t earn anything.  And, if you have stays longer than two nights, you still only earn 1,500 bonus points per stay.  A typical road warrior who’s on the road 3 weeks a month might earn at most 4,500 points per month over the course of roughly two months that the promo runs.

Even at that sort of pace (one that I doubt most business travelers keep during the summer for paid stays) you’d still only earn enough points for one free night at a Category 1 property.

The promotion runs from July 2nd through September 16, 2019.  You do need to register for the promotion by September 2nd.

Registration is open now and you should do it now.  You don’t want to forget to register later on and leave some free points on the table if your plans change.  Besides, registering only takes a minute.

The Final Two Pennies

Marriott’s summer promotion won’t beef up your balance of Marriott Rewards points (Bonvoy points?  I still don’t know what to call them).  But, if you’re saving up points for a family vacation, every point counts.  Our family of four frequently gets two rooms when we travel to make sure we have enough space.  That can eat up points quickly.

I wouldn’t be going out of my way to put business with Marriott for this promo.  Heck, I’ve got plenty of award nights with Hyatt this summer to take advantage of that 10% rebate.  But, some points is better than nothing if you have a Marriott stay of two nights or more coming up.

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