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I’m Riding Every Ride At Disney World (Again) And I Need Your Help!

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Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?

Just a few weeks ago I attempted to ride every ride at Disney World in one day.  It was sort of a dry run for the main event.

I Need Your Help

I’ve had the good fortune to be friends with Summer Hull for 5 or 6 years now.  I got to watch her children grow up, watch her blog grow up and share family stories with her as my kids grew up as well.  She’s a dear friend.  And, apparently she’s just as crazy as I am.

You see, Summer and I were working on a Disney project when I discovered Parkeology, the crazy challenge where you try to ride every ride in one day.  I thought she was joking when she said she was interested in giving it a try.  She wasn’t.

We’ve decided to team up to try to raise $50,000 for a great charity, Give Kids The World.  What does Give Kids The World do?  I’m glad you asked.

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Give Kids The World

What started as the dream of a Florida hotelier to help some families in need has developed into an immense operation.

Give Kids The World Village opened in 1989, and is now an 84-acre, nonprofit resort complete with 168 villa accommodations, attractions, restaurants, ice cream shops and events specifically designed for children aged 3-18 with critical illnesses. Over 156,000 families from all 50 states and around the world have stayed with GKTW to the tune of more than 8,000 families per year.

When a family stays with Give Kids the World, they don’t just get a place to sleep. The family’s weeklong dream trip is covered and includes:

  • Accommodations on-site in one of the Village’s fully-accessible villas
  • Donated tickets to all three major theme-park resorts (SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World)
  • From GKTW’s partner Walt Disney World, all wish families visiting Give Kids The World receive:
    • Three days of park hopper passes with photo pass included
    • Walt Disney World character meet-and-greets exclusive to wish families twice a week at Give Kids The World
  • Transportation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the GKTW dining area, Café Clayton, along with ice cream available all day in The Ice Cream Palace
  • Many other fun surprises

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Can I Have A Dollar?

I’m asking you for a dollar.  Well, a dollar per ride.  There are 49 total rides.  We’re aiming to hit them all.  Despite weather and my own ineptitude, I got 41 rides done on my dry run last month.  That means if you pledge $1 per ride, you’re looking at a likely $40-$50 donation.  If we can get 1,000 people to put up just $1 per ride…..well, you get the math.

Can I count on you?  Summer and I plan to knock out the challenge and then go volunteer for a day at Give Kids The World.

We’re tracking pledges on the form below.  Don’t worry, you won’t be spammed or added to any mailing lists.  We will have Give Kids The World reach out to you to coordinate the donation once Summer and I complete our crazy day.  Wish me luck, and reach into your wallet for a couple of bucks.  Pretty please!



  1. Wishing you and Summer the best of luck! Next time, I am in too! Here is a $1 per ride for you and a $1 per ride for Summer.

  2. This isn’t directly related to the post, but, you seem to go to Disney a fair amount. I have the possible opportunity to tag along for my partner’s conference in Disney this Spring but have never been. I was wondering if you had thought of posting something on strategy in the parks, how to maximize your fastpasses, get on rides etc.? Just a thought.

  3. Great idea and for really a great cause. Good luck! As someone planning a similar trip, I noticed the official park hours are only 14 hours total that day at 9am-11pm (including 9pm-11pm EMH) – how do you plan on finishing in such a short window (which would be the record)? Or is the expectation certain hours will be extended?

    1. Jon, we had a few strategies that we thought could get us there in record time, along with optimal FastPasses. Unfortunately, we came up short. I still think 48 can be done in 14 hours with a healthy amount of luck and good planning.

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